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Hey guys! Firestorm40 here with crossover stor. I hope you all like this fanfic as this this my first time doing a story of three anime shows, but meh. Also depending on how this fanfic goes the updates may or may not be slow as I'm still working on my other stories too. Enjoy!!!


(Cue Opening 1 - BOYS AND GIRLS)

(As the music starts, a closed-up notebook with the words "Hero's Journal" was seen lying on the ground before  a pair of red boots appear in front of it, causing the camera to pull up and reveal Izuku reaching down to pick the book up.)

[Boys & Girls be ambitious! Boys & Girls keep it real!]

(A hand taps his shoulder, causing him to turn around, before the camera changed visual to show Belle and Luna both smiling. Izuku grins back at them before they trio hear something at look up at the sky.)

[Boys & Girls be ambitious! Boys & Girls keep it real!]

(Camera pulls up to Goku Jr leaping into the air with a toothy grin, before jumping down on the ground with Izuku, Belle and Luna the camera caught sight of the U.A school building behind the group and moved closer, where dozens of bird could be seen taking to the sky with a digital engraving of 'Fairy Academia Z' forming over what looked like the Four-Star Dragonball with the Fairy Tail symbol in the middle.

[MANYUARU doori no mainichi no naka tobidashita. Kimi wa otoko no ko]

(Showing the inside of UA, Class 1-A could be seen interacting and goofing around while a few were standing up. Iida was ranting about something while Kirishima was a few feet away, sitting at his desk while speaking to the boys, though Todoroki just remained in the back. Uraraka was talking with Tsuyu, Momo, Jiro, Hagakure and Ashido. Mineta was sitting at his desk a perverted look on his face as he watched the girls interact. Bakugo could be seen sitting in his desk with an annoyed look, ignoring everything that was happening.)

[Otona ni narezu ni. Demo kodomo demo irarenai toki mo aru darou]

(Scene switches to Goku and Belle sparing against each other but then hear a voice behind him. He turns around to see Izuku write rapidly in his notebook while muttering. Luna shaking her head at the boy Goku blinks twice at the boy before laughing. With a devious smirk, Belle jumps at Goku, putting him in a headlock.)

[Daremo ga isogi ashi de sugite yuku sekai de]

(Scene switches to Goku, Izuku Belle and Luna were seen sitting together on some steps, with Luna sitting on Belle's shoulder. The group then raised their head to look up at the sky with small smiles on their faces.)

[Bokura wa nagare boshi ni tachidomatta]

(The setting changed to show Belle looking down with a solem expression as flashes of Team Natsu and Fairy Tail appear.The scene was switched to show Goku flashes of his Grandpa, Goku Sr, Puck, and Vegeta appear. Then they both spun around to face the screen with Belle raising a hand to brush away the lone tear falling down her face.)

[Yuzurenai mono wo hitotsu. Tatta hitotsu de tsuyoku nareru]

(Scene switches to show Izuku use a Smash against Villains in the water, creating a whirlpool. Goku reared a fist back as before punching forward at Nomu, who dodged out of the way with a large, fanged grin as he tried to strike Goku with his fists, only for Belle to intercept with a Sun Dragon's Talon. A clash continued between the three before Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, while Belle rears her head back before going into her Dragon Force Roar as they rush at Nomu.)

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