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Jennies PoV

I was standing there looking at my father and Kai. Are these clowns joking right now because it's not funny.

Jennie: you guys are joking right. Tell me this is a joke.

They laugh???

YG: jen this is the best decision for you Kai will be a great husband

I rolled my eyes

Jennie: I don't even love him like that... no offence Kai

Kai chuckled, what the hell am I saying which is funny to these two.

Kai: babe love will come when we get married I'm the perfect man for you.

Perfect is Lisa and he ain't it chief.

YG: honey you always said you wanted to be married and have kids... well this is your chance to have a great partner who doesn't go to parties gets drunk and doesn't have free time for you after they are bored.

Is he taking digs at Lisa right now. Before I could say anything I felt Kai take his hands into mine. I just cringe at the sudden contact.

Kai: trust me Jennie I will never cheat and I'll give you everything you want a happy relationship with all the kids you want.

I felt sick. If I want kids I want them with Lisa even if we can't you know but never the less I want all those things but with Lisa.

Jennie: I can't marry someone I don't love... you guys got to understand that

I take my hands away from Kai while my dad sighs and sits down Taking a sip of his drink which he had placed on the coffee table

YG: maybe you need to go and take some time to think... I'll give you a week to think about it so Monday morning you'll agree because you will accept Jennie and get those negative influences away from you and have a better life.

I can't stand him talking down on Lisa like this.

Jennie: maybe those negative influences you speak of have much more good in them then you think

Before my dad can say anything to me kai spork Up

Kai: em what are you guys talking about exactly...??

Kai seemed lost but I knew what my dad was talking about or whom he was talking about and he knew I knew what he was trying to get at. If that made any sense.

Jennie: then I want to stay at jisoos house tonight to help me think... you know like you said

I raise my eyebrow at my dad and he slowly nods at me

YG: okay fine just this once but then you really have to get prepared for being a Bride jen

Jennie: bye Kai and bye dad

YG: bye

Kai: see you at work baby girl

I choked Lisa would probably kill him if she was here right now, I just went to my room and called Jisoo.

Jennie: chu

Jisoo; hello Jennie

Jennie: can you pick me up from my house I told my dad I'm staying at your place

Jisoo cleared her throat

Jisoo: we're going to Lisa and Roses aren't we

Jisoo already knew but I need to tell her as well about this mess.

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