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Lisa PoV

Me and Jennie just finished our date and we walked hand in hand back to my car. When we got to the car I opened the passenger door for my love.

Jennie never seemed to get the smile off her stunning face and I'm not complaining because her smile is my favourite thing to see.

Jennie: thank you honey.

Jennie gets in and I walk to the diver side getting into the car. I put my seat belt on and turned to look at Jennie who was facing me with her loving eyes. She sits up leaning towards me, her beautiful face was close to mine, her catlike eyes stared deep into my soul making me get lost in them.

Lisa: aren't you going to put your seat belt on kitten.

Jennie was blushing. She's so stunning.

Jennie: I just can't believe how romantic you can be at times baby

Jennie leans to me bring my face closer to her and trails kisses up my neck, cheek and finally on my lips. I just groan at the sudden contact.

Lisa: your turning me on right now baby girl

Jennie chuckled

Jennie: you remember what I said right

I rolled my eyes

Lisa: yes baby no sex until we're officially girlfriends again

I wish it was so easy for us.

Jennie: yes

Jennie sits back onto her seat putting her seat belt on finally. I shake my head snapping me back into reality. She drives me crazy sometimes but I love it.

Lisa: lets go my nini

While we were driving I feel Jennie take my hand and place it on her thigh. I squeeze it a little earning a small moan from Jennie. She's so hot.

Jennie seemed like she couldn't handle my hand being so close to her womanhood that she just intertwined our fingered instead I just smirked. She's so cute.

Lisa: baby I kind of need my hand back to drive now

Jennie lets go of my hand and I concentrated on driving. I feel Jennie place her hand on my shoulder instead massages it a little. It feels really nice. I smile to myself at her affection. My baby is acting like I'm going to dash out of this vehicle and leave her fine ass.

Jennie: I love you Lisa

I glance at Jennie to see her looking at me.

Lisa: I love you too My Jelly bean

Jennie giggles

Jennie: you've never called me jelly bean

I smile that's a lie I called her that when she got jealous one time before we started dating, we were at the studio and she threw a my laptop at me.

I didn't want to fight with her tonight, so I just nodded and agreed with her. I'm not going to bring up that fight again.

Lisa: don't you like the nickname babe

I hear Jennie giggle

Jennie: whatever nickname you give me it's cute and I like it

I chuckle

Lisa: can I give you a nickname that you can call me princess

Jennie: what nickname??

I smirk

Lisa: hulk

I glance at Jennie and she looked at me with confusion.

Jennie: why the hulk Lisa

Lisa: because every time I see you and I want to smash you.

I say while having a big smirk on my face and I feel Jennie hit my arm.

Jennie: Lisayahhhh that's gross I'm not calling you that

I fake being sad.

Lisa: I guess we'll have to stick to daddy in the bedroom then

I feel Jennie hit me again. Ouch

Jennie PoV

When Jisoo dropped me back home from the most romanic date I've ever been on. Lisa was such a gentlewoman. Except for the ride back from the date but she still made me want to 100%  sleep with her tonight but then I'm just breaking my own rule and the look on Lisa's face and the way she was acting she was thinking the same to.

I walked into my home to be greeted by Lucy. The smile never left my face as memories permanently stay in my mind of Lisa and how romantic she can be. She has this ever lasting affect on me and I just love every bit of it.

Jennie: hey Lucy how has your day been because mine has never gone better

Lucy chuckled at me

Lucy: it has been well Jennie and you seem really happy, what did you and Jisoo do all this time.

I don't even know the time Lisa made me just be with her in the moment she took my phone away from me so I wouldn't go on it during our date, but I wasn't really complaining looking at Lisa's face is more interesting then the crap on my phone.

Jennie: oh we had a blast

I say chuckling and Lucy just nods at me.

Lucy: well it's 11pm and your dad is with someone in the living area he wants you to join them.

My eyebrows raised. who is here it's a little to late for any visitors.

Jennie: okay bye Lucy

I walked to the living area and see Kai and my father that was when my smile dropped. They got up and bowed as soon as they notice me in the room, I bowed back.

Jennie: hey what are you doing here

That was the first thing that came out of my mouth because why the fuck is he here, Lisa would completely freak if she knew Kai was here.

Kai: your dad invited me guess we would be seeing each other tonight after all.

YG: jen that's not how you greet guessed

I walked over and hugged my dad while looking between them. This seems really first to me.

Jennie: hi Kai

Kai was going into hug me but I extended my hand instead. He looked down at my hand taking it giving me a soft handshake. giving me a smile.

Kai: hi babe

I looked at my dad and he just smiled. I bet if Lisa called me babe in front of him he'll freak out. I nervously chuckled letting go of Kai's hand.

Jennie: what brings you here at 11pm

Kai chuckled scratching the back of his neck.

Kai: actually we have some news for you and my parents already agreeD and your father brought up this idea in the first place. we just need you to agree.

My father pats Kai's back which made me give them a glare. I don't like the sound this convocation is heading.

YG: Jennie you and Kai will be getting engaged

My face dropped what the fuck did my old man just say..... engaged. I would never get married to him. I don't even like him as a boyfriend.

Kai: so what do you say

I say... never in s million years.... I only love Lisa.


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