Chapter 4

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I had managed to get Blaze outside and away from everyone. It didn't take long for the music to be turned back on and the drinks to start flowing.

"What the hell was that all about?" Running a hand through my hair I started pacing. He couldn't be pulling guns out on people like that. I couldn't deal with him getting locked up.

"Nothing get your shit I'm taking you home".

He wasn't taking me anywhere in that state. I could handle every side of Blaze, I could handle everything he threw at me, every mean thing he said but I wasn't going anywhere until he calmed down.

"What did he say to you?"

"He said you're a whore and that Everleigh isn't mine" Gritting his teeth his eyes fell into slits as he glared at me.

My heart sank, a lump appearing in the back of my throat. Did he believe it? Did he think Everleigh wasn't his? I couldn't believe this was happening and for someone who didn't even know me to say that she wasn't his kid infuriated me.

But I wasn't going to fight with him. I knew she was his, I knew the truth he could believe whatever he wanted.

Shaking my head I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip. There was no talking to Blaze when he was riled up like this. When someone put something into his head he would overthink it until he drove himself stir crazy.

"I'm going home" Walking the short distance to where I dropped my bags earlier I groaned when I noticed the milk had burst.

Swear if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any.

"Have you fucked anyone else?".

The question came out of the blue but I can't say I wasn't expecting it. I wasn't going to stand here and have it out with him. What angered me the most was he believed that guy over me. Fuck, you just have to look at her to see she's his.

"I'm not doing this". Heading to my car I pressed my key to unlock it. "Stay here Blaze and think about what comes out of your mouth next". Closing the door behind me I started the engine and drove off. I didn't go far only a few blocks before I had to stop. I was angry and I couldn't drive anymore.

Nothing was going to change and if all it took was some random jackass talking shit for him to think she wasn't his then was any of it worth it? Was he always going to have that thought in the back of his mind?

"Damnit" I cried thumping the steering wheel. Just when I thought we were finally getting somewhere when I thought we could be a proper family this happens. Hearing a knock on my window I panicked until I saw who it was.

"You don't always have to come to my rescue" As he closed the door behind him I lay my head against the window. "Take it you heard all of that?".

"Who do you think put a bullet in that prospects head?".

"You didn't"

"Oh but I did" He grinned "Even got the other two newbies to bury him" Laughing he pulled out his smokes and lit one up.

I couldn't deal with this. How could you kill someone and then laugh about it? Jared was as ruthless as Blaze and yet I wasn't afraid. They did what they had to do.

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