19: A Poorly Written Note: Starring Poseidon

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We made it back to the tower and promptly went to bed. The others were relieved from the lack of motion, whereas I felt a little out of my element. Funny.

It's been a couple weeks since the impromptu cruise. Tony and I have gotten a lot closer. I became friends with all of the team. Steve isn't afraid to spar with me after I kicked his ass. Literally. Clint was laughing for days. Natasha actually grinned. Uncle T was proud.

Clint and I were walking to Starbucks. Looking at the menu, I saw 'Iced Americano' and remembered something. I pointed it out to Clint, and he grinned.

"We're getting coffees for the team." Clint stated.

We got back to the living area and started passing out the coffees to everyone. We got to the last coffee, and I handed it to Steve, accompanied by Clint saying, "And an Iced Americano for the Iced Americano." Everyone laughed.

"It was Percy's idea," Clint says. I give a little bow. Uncle T high-fives me.

"So, not to burst any bubble or anything, but what are you guys still doing here?" I ask eventually.

They look around, not knowing what to say. "I uh, I'll let you guys figure that out." I say awkwardly, and get some water.

A note forms on the counter next to me. It solidifies out of sea foam. Dad. Cautiously, I pick it up and read.


I know that you are enjoying your time with the mortals, but I feel as though I must intrude. I will come at moonrise to collect you and bring you to my palace.


The note was written in Greek, so it didn't take long to read. However, as I reread it, my good mood evaporated.

"Percy?" Clint asks, breaking me from my reverie.

"Huh?" I look up.

"Well, we stayed to keep an eye on you. At first it was to keep an eye on a suspected terrorist, but now because we're worried about SHIELD getting to you."

"Unfortunately, Clint and I need to get back to SHIELD duties. We'll be able to keep an eye out for you while we're there." Natasha adds to what Steve said earlier.

"Thanks, but, um... You won't be needing to babysit me any more." I say quietly.

"What?" Uncle T asks.

"Percy, what's that you're holding?" Annabeth questions.

"Dad's coming to get me tonight." I tell them, not looking at anyone.

"What? Why?" Uncle T demands.

"I don't know. He just said he's going to take me to his palace."

"He can't just take you." Uncle T reasons.

"He can. Percy has to go. At least Poseidon is giving him a warning." Annabeth says, dejectedly.

"But I just got him!" Tony complains.

"And he's my boyfriend!" Annabeth counters. "He'll be leaving me, too."

"I'm sorry." My eyes sting.

"It's not your fault." Annabeth says.

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