Connor was dying. He'd lost too much blood from the gash in his arm, which had obviously cut some really important arteries, and I knew right then that I was about to watch him take his last breath. Somehow, even after all he'd done, I felt sorry for him. How could I feel sorry for him when I was the one tied to the bed, practically naked, taken against my will, and almost raped and killed?

"This is all your fault."

"I know. I'm sorry. If I could... take it all back, I would. I never would've used..." He shook his head. "You don't have to forgive me. I... I don't deserve it."

"No, you don't." He shut his eyes, defeated. I knew that if he died without my forgiveness that it would only hurt me in the long run. I'd be the one carrying around his regret for the rest of my life, which I wasn't about to do. I'd suffered enough already. "I forgive you, Connor." He opened his eyes, but only slightly. "I forgive you, but I'll never forget."

He looked down and fiddled with something in the floor next to him, but I couldn't see what it was. "I... I... called 911." He shut his eyes one last time and that is how they stayed.

When I heard a voice coming from the floor, I knew he had told the truth. "Help!" I couldn't hear what the dispatcher was saying, but I knew they could hear me. "Send help!" I tried to think of the street Connor's house was on and yelled that to them, too. I heard the voice say something else, but I couldn't understand them. I told them my name and that I had been abducted. Just saying it out loud seemed to make it even more real. I never thought I'd ever be abducted, especially under these circumstances, yet here I am.

It was at this point I shut down. I don't know if I was going into shock or if my mind had taken all it could take. Even though my left hand was still untied, I couldn't seem to move it. It felt like my limbs were anchors holding me to the bed, but this time it wasn't caused from someone else. Maybe it was my mind trying to protect me from reality. Whatever it was, I shut my eyes and gave into it.

When I heard sirens, relief flooded me. I didn't care that I was mostly naked, tied spread eagle to the bed; all I cared about was getting out of here. The sirens stopped outside as more approached. My heart seemed to beat in rhythm with their banging on the door, anticipating my rescue.

"Help! I'm in here!" My face and hair was wet with tears, but this time they were the happy kind. I'd never been so glad to be alive in my entire life.

A loud noise came from down the hall as they busted through the door. What appeared to be a swat team scrambled through the house with guns, scanning the rooms. I heard several officers give the all clear before paramedics came in and started to evaluate me, quickly covering up my bare body. As someone untied my arm and legs, pain shot through me, causing me to wince and moan. I felt a stick in my arm followed by a pleasant warmth that spread through me, filling me with a happy numbness that I never wanted to end. I drifted off into some far away land where demons and Connor didn't exist, oblivious to the chaos around me.


As I woke up, panic started to set in until I got a whiff of the smokeless, sterile air that surrounded me. The soft beeping sound coming from beside my bed confirmed what I now realized. I opened my eyes to see my mom sitting in a chair by my hospital bed with her head back and eyes closed. When I went to scoot myself up, it felt like someone had... well, I guess what I was feeling was to be expected.

"You're awake." My mom sounded relieved. "I've been so..." She started to cry, unable to finish her sentence.

I forced a smile, which seemed to pull at the side of my face. "I'm okay."

"Are you? Are you really okay, sweetie?"

When I nodded, it made me slightly dizzy. "Just a little sore, but I'm okay." The look on her face still seemed doubtful. "Mom, I'm okay. Really. Just a few cuts." The pain in my head flared up like it didn't want me to forget about the trauma it suffered. "And I hit my head."

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