Part Two - 14 - Jessie

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"Captain's log, entry 227. Allan Roy here. I found a pilot. A real one. She fell from the sky, literally. This time I feel like I can really trust my ship into someone else's hands. It's a gut feeling. Jessie has been on board for three weeks now, working with us to pay her passage. Enough time to witness her flying skills during some jobs. The thing is...she doesn't know what to do, or where to go from here. Now, all I have to do is convince her to become part of my crew. She is resisting...but not for long, I guarantee it. I can be extremely tenacious and convincing. Log entry over."

"Don't make me do this," said Jessie. She was standing in the cargo hold, as the doors were slowly opening.

"It's gonna be okay, sweetheart," said the captain. "It will be over quick, I promise."

"That's what he said..." joked Moira behind them.

Jessie gave her a dark look. She was not in the mood for sexual innuendos.

"Listen," said Allan, placing himself in front of her "You just walk there, sell the merchandise, and come straight back here." He tapped a finger on his earpiece, "I will be with you on the line, during all the steps."

Jessie took a deep breath and stepped out of the ship, right on the busy docks of a city named Charleston-XV, on an Expansion Union planet called Texas. When she saw the mass of people walking around, she cringed. There was a reason why she always agreed to stay on the Capricieuse without arguing, even when the rest of the crew was having fun on land. Jessie hated land. She hated the stillness of it, and most of all, she hated the crowds of humans walking on it.

They had escaped the Bermuda system six days ago, with their cargo hold filled with things they scavenged on ghosts ships, thanks to the captain. Even in life or death situations, the man was always thinking about business. She didn't know if she was annoyed or grateful for it.

Now, they needed to sell their spoils. The thing was, they discovered that the bounty hunters named the Jeens, started the rumor that Allan Roy and his crew died in the infamous Bermuda system. For now, the world thought the captain dead, and the prize on his head lost, and he intended on keeping it that way as long as possible. It was the reason why, at the moment, Jessie was the one in charge of going on land to sell their cargo, escorted by Hopper and Kala, the two other members of their crew that weren't well known on the black markets.

Jessie hated that situation with all her might. She spared one last glance to the Capricieuse, now disguised as a vessel named the Deceiver. Stupid obvious name, she thought - and her captain inside. Allan smiled and did a thumbs-up.

"Okay." She was so annoyed. She turned her back on him. "Let's go," she said to Kala and Hopper.

The merchandise would wait on the docks to be picked up by the buyers.

They walked down the streets. It was afternoon on the Expanser planet, and the city was buzzing with life and activity. Kala must have felt Jessie's uneasiness because she came to stand at her side and slid her arm in hers. Hopper understood the gesture and did the same. Suddenly, Jessie found herself sandwiched between her two friends, protected from the rest of the world.

"Thank you," she murmured.

"You guys are cute," said the captain's voice in her ear. "I can see you from the cockpit."

Jessie freed one of her arms, raised it over her head and did a rude gesture, hoping he would see it. It was clear that he did because she heard him chuckle through the line.

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