Part 38

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"Well I think we better get going, we have some killing to do." I said to them, we walked out of the house and into seven cars. I was sat in a car with Alyssa, Alex and Daniel. Daniel was on my right while Alex was on my left glaring at Daniel, oh boy it will be a long car ride.


I walked out of the car which we had parked a few blocks away from the warehouse they kept Cayden, god I miss him. They better not have done him anything, I just ope he's alright. We began walking with the gang to the place, for other people we just seemed like normal people walking but we had guns under our clothes and in some bags.

We got outside the warehouse it was a few blocks away from the nearest house which was just perfect. We quickly got the door down with one of the guys kicking it down. We walked inside with our guns ready to shoot anyone. 

There was nobody there so we decided to go in pairs of three people to search the house. Me, Alyssa and Emilia went together while Alex and Daniel went with another guy called Sam. 

We walked inside to a corridor with three doors, we opened the door to my left. Nobody was there, weird... "Why isn't there anyone here?" I asked the girls in a whisper, they just shrugged. 

We quietly walked inside the second door to my right. Surprise surprise, there was nobody there. I walked first and walked quietly to the door right in front of me. I decided to listen to hear if there was anybody there. 

I heard faint whispers, I tried making out what they said but they were to quiet. I quickly burst down the door and walk inside with the girls right behind me. What I saw there next broke my heart, Cayden laying lifeless on the ground with a guy on him punching his face.

I quickly run towards the guy and pull out a knife from my jacket,I throw the knife in his back making him fall to the ground. I quickly fall to my knees to check on Cayden. He had a knife in his stomach, he was loosing a lot of blood. 

"Cayden?" I ask out to him, no response. "Cayden this isn't funny. wake up!" I yell at him but he doesn't respond. "Cayden?" I say in a whisper. "Alyssa! Help him!" I yell at her with tears in my eyes. She walks down and took her hand on his neck to check is pulse. Her face fell,my hear stopped.

She didn't need to say anything because I already knew. "C-Cayden? Cayden, p-please don-n't leave me?" I said between sobs, my heart felt like it had been torn in two. "Cayden, don't you dare leave me! Not after everything, you are all I have left." I said to him my voice falling slightly. 

I hug him as tight as I could his lifeless body laying on my thighs. I could feel Alyssa's hand on my shoulder. "We have to leave." She said with a sympathetic face, I shook my head no. 

Alex and Daniel walked inside of the room, they quickly saw me on the floor with Cayden. "Shit." I could hear Daniel mumble. "Sky,  we need to leave." Alex said but I shook my head no, I won't leave him. 

I heard Alex's steps towards me, but I just focused on Cayden. "I'm sorry Sky." He said as I felt something going through my neck,  I saw only black dots until it was only black.

All I could think of was Cayden.


I woke up in a hospital bed, confused I looked to see Alex and Daniel sitting two chairs besides my bed. I felt Alex's hand holding my right hand. Suddenly the memories came back to me, tears began pooling my eyes. "Cayden?" I asked between sobs, Daniel looked up and walked up to me. 

"I am so sorry Sky." he said hugging me, I couldn't respond I was in to much pain. I couldn't do anything my heart was on fire, I thought I knew pain but I was wrong. This is pain, I can never get him back and it hurts. 

Alex woke up to my sobs and joined in on the hug, but I didn't care. We must have sat like this for hours, but felt like a few minutes. My eyes began feeling heavy, I fell asleep and it wasn't a pleasant dream. 


Where was I? I walked around in a unfamiliar place but still familiar. I open a door and look inside, nothing there weird. I walk out of the door and open another. Still an empty room, this is just getting weirder and weirder. I open the last door there, I could feel tears i my eyes as I look inside, Cayden and I laying there only that he's lifeless. 

Why? Why him not me? I try running out of the room but I am forced to stay in place. My other self looks straight at me. "It is all your fault!" She yells at me with tears in her eyes. "I didn't think this would happen!" I yell back tears falling down my eyes. 

"You fucking whore! You couldn't even save him, it is all your fault!" she yells and I nod. "I know!" I yell back, she looks take back. "It should have been you!" She yells and I nod. "Yeah it should have." I say as I get dragged back.

"What's happening!?" I yell at her, she gives me an evil smirk. I get dragged out of the room and turned around. "Cayden?" I ask with tears in my eyes hugging him. "Don't touc me bitch!" HE yelled shoving me back. 

"W-what?" I ask him. "It is all your fault, it should have been you?" He said and I widened my eyes. "Your not Cayden." I said to him, he rolled his eyes. "No shit." He said to me. 

I saw something in my hand, it was a knife. Unwillingly I stabbed him. "NO!" I yelled tears in my eyes. He fell to the ground blood running out of his body. "It is all your fault." He said to me as I crumbled to the ground.


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