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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"Tell Bri to take you to the bank so you can get money out my account" My Daddy told me over the phone

"How much money I'm getting?"

"A hundred thousand" he said "you know the pin and all that, and my card and all that in my suitcase"

"okay, you want us to do this tonight or?"

"Tomorrow morning"


"okay I love you, you tell Draco I love him too. I'll see y'all tomorrow" he said before we hung up

my daddy want us to go in his bank account and get money out so he can be bailed out.

The next morning we went and bailed him out but it took some other people to help, but it happened

We got on the road back to Atlanta making it there a hours later

"y'all come on" my daddy said opening the door before we got out going in the house

Kentrell Desean Gaulden

I looked down at my phone as a unknown number went across it. I answered it

"Yo who this is?"

"Jania" I scrunched my face up at the phone

I use to fuck with Jania not even 8 years ago, but we been stopped messing with each other. I was surprised by her calling

"what you need and how you get my number?"

"It's important and I got it from a friend" A friend? Okay


"I know we stopped messing with each other a long time ago, but I called to let you know something. I been keeping this from you for a few years"


"okay I'm listening"

"When we stopped messing around with each other I was pregnant. I held that from you for 5 years, you have a daughter. Her name Ka' Nyah"

"So you mean to tell me that I got a 5 year old daughter that you been keeping away from me for 5 years"

"Yeah" she said nervously

"mane what the fuck, who the fuck does that?" At this point I'm mad

I looked at my watch and it was 4:30

"You still in ATL?" I Asked


"Pack Her Clothes and bring her to my house. Text me off a number, I don't know why you call me off a unknown"


I got a call saying she was outside the gates. I walked out and went out to get Ka'Nyah and came back in with her

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