Chapter Forty Three

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Demi's album release party was probably a bit of a blur to her.

We arrived, her dressed in a tight, black dress and me in a black crop top and skirt. We were practically connected at the hip, following each other hand in hand as we spoke to everyone who arrived.

Demi had taken a few shots with some of her management team, and was becoming more drunk by the second. I could tell, because she grabbed my ass right in front of the CEO of her record label. Not a good move.

She was becoming slightly sober by the fifth song played, as she walked up to the stereo and paused it as it began changing songs. As everyone spun around, all attention going to Demi, I expected a toast to everyone who helped out with her fifth album. Instead, she announced:

"This next song is called All of Me. It's very personal, emotional, and the person I wrote it for is actuslly here with me tonight. I want to tell her that she's incredible, I love her so much, and this song is for her. So if you don't mind, I think I'm going to dance with my wonderful girlfriend."

Demi walked back over to me, kissing my cheek before placing a gentle hand on my left hip, holding my hand as I rested mine on her shoulder.

"This is sweet Dems," I told her, receiving a large smile from her.

"You deserve it."

Throughout the song, Demi had begun to plant small, quick kisses against my now goosebump covered skin. She had started with my lips, then my cheek, and she was now making her way downwards to my jawline. Then came my neck, and before she made it down to my collar bone, the song changed.

"Bummer," She groaned, giving me a look of 'what can you do?'

She released me from her grip as she returned to the bar, taking another shot as she left me completely helpless, my heart racing and mind wild with emotions.

By the end of the night Demi was drunk, I helped her into a car as the driver began to drive us home, Demi clinging onto my body as if I was a teddy bear.

"Demi, stop," I commanded, but laughing at her state.

She was set on cuddling with me, no matter how little space we seemed to have.

"We're almost home," I assured her. "Then we'll cuddle."

"I'd like to cuddle now though," She slurred.

I pecked her lips, shaking my head as we turned onto our street. Demi ignored my request, still trying to slide into my lap as we pulled into her house. I thanked the driver,  then pushed Demi off of of me, steadying her outside and beginning to walk up to the house.

I unlocked it, as soon as I stepped in Demi collapsed on the floor.

"Seriously?" I grinned, helping her unconcious self back onto her feet as I pulled her over to the couch.

I decided that we would spend the night here, as I would probably fall and break a leg if I tried to carry her upstairs.

I unzipped Demi's dress from the back and slid it off her body, biting my bottom lip as I took in the captivating sight. It took everything I had to tear myself away from the scene, and as I did, I realized she was now slightly awake and smirking.

"You like what you see?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, I do," I told her. "You already knew that."

"Tell me I'm hot," Demi said.

"I just did," I chuckled.

"Say it again," She begged, pulling me closer to her.

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