Keep It Low [Mihawk x Reader] [AU] (+18)

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This is a smut/lemon/nsfw (however you wanna call it), meaning it contains explicit depictions of sex.

!!!!! If you're underage or of sensitive nature, I do not condone you reading this. You've been warned; I won't take any responsibility for any problem derived from reading this story.

Now that that's out of the way, I hope you guys enjoy it! It took me a while, but it's finally done!


The summer night breeze came in through the open window, recycling the room air and refreshing your somewhat tired body. It had been a couple of hours since you'd put your sleeping toddler in his cradle, and thirty minutes since you'd lain in bed with a book you had started weeks ago and hadn't had the chance to finish yet.

Next to you, Mihawk looked through his e-mails on his phone, mentally organizing which ones would require his full attention in the morning and which ones would have to wait.

With a quick glance from the corner of your eye, you took in his overall relaxed appearance, despite his subtle frown, and smiled to yourself. You enjoyed moments like those, when you would be in each other's presence but doing your own thing; you never felt uncomfortable around him.

Your husband tucked one of his legs, moving the other to make himself comfortable in his new position. His limb pressed against yours due to your proximity, his body heat warming up your skin almost immediately. He didn't give it much thought, nevertheless, as when you looked away from the printed words yet again his golden orbs were still glued to the device in his hand.

You pursed your lips in thought, your gaze moving back to the page before you decided you had read enough for one night and left the book on your nightstand. With feline moves, you then sat up and crawled onto his lap, a small smirk growing on your lips.

He lowered his phone to stare at you with slightly furrowed eyebrows, the corners of his mouth quirked upwards in a soft smile.

"What are you doing?" He wondered.

"Nothing," you replied innocently with a shrug, your fingers walking playfully on his abdomen.

When your eyes met again, you noticed the small spark that had found its home in his, his confused expression replaced by a single raised eyebrow.

"Nothing?" He questioned.

He dropped the phone somewhere on the bed, his hands slowly caressing your exposed thighs up to your shorts.

"Nothing," you repeated, pressing your lips together and shaking your head as your fingers traveled south to the hem of his t-shirt to lift it up a few inches, just enough to expose part of his chiseled abs.

When your fingertips brushed against his skin, his muscles contracted as he sucked in a breath.

Mihawk then hummed, quickly taking a hold of your waist and moving you back onto the bed. The initial gasp was there, but you couldn't help but to giggle, and he rapidly brought a finger to his lips to shush you before setting in between your legs.

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