Happy Family Toddler! Niall

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Niall (headspace of 6 years old)

Dada- Zayn

Baba- Harry

Daddy- Liam

Papa- Louis

Niall was playing happily with his block stacking them like the tower he was building, as his daddy and dada walked in.

"Hey, little Nialler," Liam said.

Niall giggled,"Hi, daddy and dada." Zayn smiled at him picking Niall up spending him around.

Louis heard giggling and laugher so he decided to come in saw Niall being tickle by his boyfriend. He laughed and walked in the kitchen seeing Harry cooking breakfast, he smiled walked over hugged Harry around his waist.

Harry smiled still facing the stove, he turned around kissed Louis on the lips lovely. They pulled away Harry winked at Louis and Louis blushed turned away from Harry.

Harry caught that bum of Louis's and smacked as a sound came from Louis a squeal as Louis glanced at Harry as he started to laugh finishing the food.

They heard foots coming in the kitchen, Liam and Zayn carrying Niall as they pecked Louis and Harry putting Niall in the chair.

Louis kissed Niall all over his face getting a laugh from him, he laughed with him earning everyone's laugh too.

Harry passed the foods on the table as Liam helped him with juices, plates, and glass cup, and sippy cup for Niall. Everyone was joining their breakfast happily also Niall, he was bubby, jokers, and a laughter.

Then, the breakfast was over as Louis and Harry taked Niall in the living room whiled Liam and Zayn washing the dishes. As they were gone Zayn decided it would be fun throwing soap at Liam, and Liam sprayed Zayn with the water sprayed attach to the sink.

They got finished and laughed at each other seeing themselves wet Zayn see Liam lovely in the eyes and kissed him like it was no tomorrow.

It was irrupted by Niall shouted," DADDY AND PAPA WE GOING TO WATCH A MOVIES TOGETHER HURRY!" They laughed again and dried themselves off going in the living room.

Niall cuddle into Harry and Louis as he other daddies came in the room as his dada cuddle up baba and daddy cuddle up papa. He smiled softly thinking he have the best daddies in the world.

As the boys thinking this is the Best Family Ever!!

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