I'm Very Lucky

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Henny, Caffeine, Green & Nicotine: I'm Very Lucky

~Arlie P.O.V.~

"Arlie! Get out here now!" Mom yelled, from what sounded like the kitchen. I set my red gameboy advance down on my bed and hopped off the bed.

"You're in trouble now." Aldo scoffed with a teasing smile.

"Fuck off Aldo, I ain't in trouble or nothin'. You need to get out of my room anyways, shit go back to your own." I growled, just before I left the room and walked down the hall.

"What?" I yawned, leaning against the fridge. It was so cold and it felt nice against my bare skin. If I could just take this part of the fridge to bed with me, that'd be great. It's hot as fuck in that room and Aldo's heavy ass breathing doesn't help.

"Was Heather here last night or this morning?" She asked with an attitude I wasn't familiar with. Was she directing that at me? Oh fuck no.

"I ain't gon' be talked to like that. Fuck that, when you cool your shit, express your concerns. Till then, I'm out." I just ignored whatever else she had to say and went back down to my room to put on my shoes, then head outside.

"What happened?" Aldo asked.

"She's got a bitch attitude again, I'm gone." I grabbed a hat and wife beater then headed towards the front door.

"Don't you dare walk out that door." She demanded at me. I just looked at the door, then her, then back to the door and walked out, slamming it behind me.

"I just did and you ain't about to do shit!" I called back to her. I looked across the street and over at the house where Sweet Cheeks used to live. I miss her a lot, she was a chill ass female who shared her cookies, when she had 'em. Now she's down in Compton.

I put on my wife beater and pulled my chains out from underneath, carefully untangling them and making sure they rested neatly against my chest.

I went down the alley right next to my house and ended up in Lexis, Varo, and Javier's hood. I looked up towards where Varo's apartment was and heard some people talking. I walked up the street and saw one of Javier's older sisters, Rosalia (Rose-all-ya), laying on the grass with some girl.

"Aye Rosalia, where's Javier at?" I asked reaching down to give her a hug.

"He's out with Lexis at their trap. Why?" She looked up at me and used her hand to block out the sun. "Oops, I'm sorry. Arlie, this is my friend Elia, Elia, this is Arlie. He's one of my brother's best friends." I smiled at her and she returned the smile back.

"I just wanted to know where he was. I can't just wonder where he is?" I rose a brow. "Elia, you got any siblings?"

"A younger sister, Yvonne." She said standing up and brushing off the grass that clung to her legs. "I'm really hot, I'm gonna go inside for water." She said. Rosalia nodded and got up too.

"I'm going in with her, when Javier gets back, I'll let him know you stopped by."

"Thanks, I'll see you around." I waved to her and proceeded up the street till I got to Varo's apartment.

I jogged up the stairs and walked in through his door. His apartment smelt like peanut butter cookies and I felt confused. Aunt Jackie wasn't home? Why does it smell like cookies?

"Varo? Marco?" I said, closing the door behind me.

"It's just me, what's up Arlie?" He asked, holding a batch of like 8 cookies.

"What's with the cookies?"

"They have rat poison in 'em. Not a lot but enough to make a nigga sick to his stomach. I was gonna give a few to some niggas I can't stand." He said with a shrug of his shoulders.

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