Chapter Thirty-three

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Kita and the Angels glided up the trench toward the Illuminati base. There was no sea life on the dark monolithic stones, and the precision construction left no gaps between them. How do you quarry underwater?

"Command. Kita. Any activity outside the base?"

"Negative. All scopes are clean. You're clear."

Kita led the others into the darkened passage that led into the base.

"It's dark in here, but I can see," said Nemesis.

"Your eyes will adjust to low light levels," said Kita. "There are different lenses that let you see various other energy spectrums."

"There's an awesome one that lets you see electricity," said Sapper. "It's great for finding the remote."

"On your guard," said Kita as they came to the ramp that led out of the pool. The lights were on in the dock area. "We're here."

Kita walked up the ramp and out of the water. The teams' scuba gear remained undisturbed. She motioned for Sapper and Aspen to check the down Decepticons.

"Dead," said Sapper.

"Nonfunctional," said Aspen.

"Good." Kita opened the pocket dimension and let O'Brien out. "We're in the belly of the beast. Make sure Kimmy's taken care of."

O'Brien transformed into his demon form. He picked up an assault rifle and a vest full of ECM ammunition. "All set," he said in a chilling voice. He stood next to Apocalypse.

"You two look cute in your suits," said Sapper. "Going to hide behind a desk?"

"Dress for the job you want, soldier," said Apocalypse. "You're job is to do and die. I am the reason why. I command more power from my desk than you can dream of."

"I can still kick your ass," snarled Sapper.

O'Brien stepped forward.

"I can kick his ass, too."

"Think you can kick mine?" said Kita. "Because that's who you're going to get."

"She's just lucky she's the new girlfriend."

"I should let her burn the skin off you, but I need everyone in one piece. So, shove it. If you have a problem with Kimmy, we can deal with it later."

"I think her problem is with you," said Aspen. "Lizzy is just picking on Kimmy because she's an easier target."

"Why are you projecting, Lizzy?" said Kita.

Sapper opened her arms and yelled, "She doesn't deserve to be here. She's not qualified."

"That's not what you're mad about. Why are you mad at me?"

Sapper withered under Kita's glare and looked at the ground. "You're choosing her over me."

Kita sighed. "I told you there would be others."

"I didn't expect you to make them Angels."

"Lizzy, you have shown zero interest in me since you found out what I was doing. All you've cared about is where you were going to fight next. I'm fine with that. I let you go. I still love you—that hasn't changed. But, you expected me to wait for you? How is that fair to me?"

Sapper sneered. "You're so damn mushy with her it's disgusting."

Kita rolled her eyes. "You're mad because I wasn't romantic with you? You never said you wanted that nor do you act like it. You were always a love hard-and-fast-type girl. I gave you what you thought you wanted."

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