21: Nirvana 3

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Btw, this chapter will be a lot longer than the others. I mean A LOT a lot.

*2nd pov*

You took out your Katana that author-Chan completely forgotten you had and ran to Zero. You strike but he jumped out of the way and kicked you.

"I said I wanted to see your magic specifically Dragon slayer. Non of this swords or requip magic." Zero reminded.

You sighed and sent the Katana back to your magical pocket.

"Very well...." You said and got to position.

"Celestial Dragon!:" You cupped your mouth.

At this Zero shot his a blast of his wierd magic.

"Roooaaarr!" A large beam of Starry magic blasted towards him and collided with his attack, creating an explosion.

Zero uses his arm to shield his eyes from the bright light. He slowly removed them to see you no where in sight. He frantically looked around for you, but to no hope.

"Celestial Dragon: Star beam!" You casted from the air and stars flew around you and blasted about 20-40 beams at him, only 15 successfully got him. He groaned in pain and you prepared your next attack.

But, you were suddenly grabbed by his weird magic hand.

He shot another beam and you squirm in the grip. Another explosion occur as it hit you. Zero smirked and diminishes the smoke to see his magic hand empty.

In a flash, you kicked his back and Galaxy punched him. You jumped and summoned your wings in the air

"Poison Iron Dragon!: Poison Scale Pillar!" Your right arm turned to iron and grew reddish-Black scales allover it. Just like Gajeels', it grew as big as a pillar and struck Zero.

He stumble back and groaned in pain. He glared at your
figure who have red glints in your eyes.

"Dark Dragon!: Dark Saucers!" ((I'm literally just making shit up now.))

Black-purple circular objects with a magic circle on them in the center appeared behind you. You snapped your fingers and all of them zoom through the air to Zero.

Zero managed to take down five while the rest are still going. A few of them hit the roof and are still going.

In a speed of light, one of them managed to hit Zero and exploded, followed by a few other ones.

"Dark Dragon Secret Art!:" You started. Your hair flowed around as if it's under water and your body gained black marks up your arm and face. The ground rumbles and the moon looked like it's bleeding black liquid.

*At Erza.*

"What's going on!?" Jellal screamed with fear plastered on his face as the ground is rumbling like crazy and the moon is bleeding black liquid. He turned to Erza to see if she have the same reaction, but instead, she's...smiling.

"Why are you smiling like that!?" Jellal asked while yelling.

"Becuase that's Y/n and she's using her Dark Dragon Slaying magic." Erza said, quite cheerfully.


*Over at Fairy Tail* becuase I feel like it.

"Uh master..." someone started.

"Yes child?" Master asked.

"The moon is pitch black and...bleeding, shouldn't we worry about that?" He asked.

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