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Tyler's P.O.V

I was currently in Ryan's , my best friend and Alphas office helping him with paper work when the most amazing scent ever hit my nose.

"Can you smell that?" I ask

"Smell what?" Ryan asks and then sniffs the air  "I can't smell anything" he says

I sniffed again, the scent is very faint but it's still there and Ryan being Alpha should definitely be able to smell it. That only means one thing.

'Mate' my wolf screams in my head. I jump out of my seat and rush to the door

"Tyler? Where are you going I thought you were going to help me?" Ryan shouts after me

"I think my mate is nearby, in fact I don't think I know" I shout back running
towards the front door.

'Good luck' Ryan says through the mind link.

I shift into my wolf so I can run faster. The scent of my mate is getting stronger but I can't sense a wolf. That only mean one thing, my mate is a human. That doesn't bother my though, I continue to run and then slow down once I see my beautiful mate. I think she's lost. I follow quietly behind for for a while when I accidentally step on a twig. She turns around and screams. She starts to slowly back away from me I feel bad because I scared her but I'm not about to let her go.

"P-please don't kill me" She whispers

'She's afraid of us' my wolf whimpers, I decide to lay down maybe that will show her we are no threat. I don't want to shift back and scare her even more. However as soon as I lay down she turns around and starts running, I howl out in sadness.

I mind linked the wolves on patrol, not that I needed any help I just didn't want her to run off while I'm shifting. Two of our warriors come out and block her from going any further, if she kept running that way for about 5 minuets, not that she'd get that far with out me getting her, she would run straight into another territory.

She stopped due to the two wolfs blocking her form going any further and was about to turn around but I was right behind her. I hate that she is afraid of me, I also hate the fact that it's going to take her time to be comfortable around me because she's not a wolf.

"I'm going to die by these stupid dogs" She whispers to myself, we start growling not liking being called dogs. Tears are streaming down her face and I whimper, my wolf and I both don't like seeing her upset and I rub my head against her leg. She jumps away from my touch and I whimper again not liking the fact that she's afraid of me.

I decide that it's probably best if I just shift back, she'll be afraid but it's getting late and I want to get her inside where she can rest. She's bound to be tired. I start to shift back and I can see her freaking out.

'Don't Let her run' I say through the mind link, I got an 'off course Beta' from them. I told them to shift back also and they obeyed.

"Your just imagining things" she says to herself. As soon as I'm fully shifted she screams and turns around to see that Harvey and Luke, are shifted back into their human forms again as well, she screams again and tries to run away. I grab her and pull her into my chest. I love feeling the tingles that spreads throughout my body and I know she feels them to however she's to afraid to enjoy them.

"It's okay, I know your scared but I won't hurt you, you don't need to be afraid" I try to reassure her but she doesn't stop struggling against me.

"Stop struggling against me I'm not letting you go" I say, I'm started to get annoyed but I don't want to scare her more so I have to try be soft and not growl at her.

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