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           Mina sighed and looked out the window of her school. She had predicted the clouds to roll in, they have been lately. She looked around the classroom and caught sight of the girls she had met in the hallway. Sana and Momo. She wanted to call out their names. Catch their attention. Anything. She needed some new friends....not that Tzuyu was suffocating her. As the bell rang she hurried to gather her things and catch up with the two Japanese girls. "And so I said, no Jeongyeon, YOU can't swallow better than me. I can swallow a whole bowl of jokbal." Momo said and grinned. "Oh you tell her Momo. Um, what else can you swallow?" Sana husked and rubbed her friend's arm. "Eh? Probably another pound of jokbal." Momo said, oblivious to Sana's advancements. Mina followed, dodging people in the hall to catch up to the two. Prying eyes watched her as she ran through the crowd. Hands balled into a fist. Where did she think she was going? And to avoid her at a time like this. The figure didn't like that.  "Sana! Momo!" Mina called out. "Eh?" Momo said and turned around. She saw Mina running towards them. "Ah Mina-chan. Hey." Momo said and waved at the younger girl. "Hey Mina-chan. Haven't seen you around." Sana said. "I'm in your class..." Mina said. Sana and Momo looked at one another. "Oh that's right. Oh right! And you're also in Son Chaeyoung's class first period. You sit in the front. Near the window. You know Son Chaeyoung stares at you? I'm telling you, something is off about that girl. She's crazy after all. That's why the authorities had to let her go for murdering that girl. She pleaded insanity and so they brought her back to school. What a crazy chick." Sana said. Mina grew uneasy. Just the mention of Chaeyoung made a shiver run down her back. A murderer. A psychopath. And yet Mina was the unfortunate one to catch her attention. Mina felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around. "They giving you trouble?" A familiar voice asked. Jihyo. The girl had a big smile on her face. Mina looked at the two Japanese girls who seemed to be intimidated by the Korean girl. "We weren't doing anything wrong." Momo said and lowed her head. "Shh Momo." Sana said and nudged her friend. Mina furrowed her brows. Why were they so intimidated? Jihyo moved Mina aside and stepped toward Momo. "Did I ask you if you did anything wrong?" She asked, her grin faltering into disgust. Momo was silent and looked down at Jihyo's black Nike's. "Don't talk back to me. I can have you expelled. I can have you framed for a crime you didn't commit. Hell, I can have you killed." Jihyo threatened and moved forward making Momo advance back and hit the locker behind her. "I read your file Hirai Momo. What a colorful past. It won't slide here. Mess with me and I'll tell everyone what you did." Jihyo hissed. Mina was in shock. This wasn't the Jihyo she had met days ago. This one was mean and intimidating. "Get going. Go on." Jihyo told the other girls. Sana and Momo did as quickly as they were told. They walked away not looking back. Jihyo fixed the sleeve of her jacket and turned to face Mina, smiling innocently. Mina gulped and looked away. "Follow me Mina." Jihyo instructed and turned on her heels, walking away. Mina clutched the books in her arms and followed Jihyo. They walked to the other side of the school and to the roof top. She followed the older girl to a spot on the roof top, to the ledge. She stopped and stood on the ledge, keeping her back to Mina. "Mina?" She asked. "Y-yes?" Mina asked. She scanned Jihyo's body, trying to get a feel of her body language. "Things happen in life Mina, and we should all understand that they happen for a reason. One fateful day, I had watched a girl fall to her death from below. I watched but didn't question why it happened. It all happened quickly and yet, it was like watching a slow film. As seconds past, I watched her fall effortlessly, lightly, like a feather. And then as her head split I looked up and saw a face. Son Chaeyoung's. You must stay away from her. She's dangerous." Jihyo said calmly. She turned to look at Mina with a maddening look written in her eyes. Not crazy. But with passionate delusion, like what she had said was true. Mina already got shivers from the mention of Chaeyoung. But within the moment Jihyo was scaring her. Before she could really make sense of how she felt, she felt a rag being placed over her mouth. She screamed in a muffle and tried to kick around but she felt herself losing consciousness. And within seconds she was asleep. The figure picked her up and looked at Jihyo. But Jihyo only stared back as if in reassurance. The figure dragged Mina away and down the emergency stairs that would lead them out in the side entrance away from prying eyes.


Mina awoke slowly, groaning as she felt her head. The small lamp in the room lit up the room. She slowly sat up, trying to adjust to the light. Something had caught her attention right away. A board full of pictures. Pictures of....her. Instantly her heart had skipped a beat in fear. She knew now the situation she was in. She had been kidnapped in day light, and taken to her stalkers home. She threw off the covers and appeared in front of the board, studying the pictures frantically. They were all of her, walking, sitting, with her mother and with her friends from Japan. A recent picture was just  put up on the board. A polaroid picture of her. How had she not heard the sound of the camera? Or noticed the flashing light? She turned around and hurried to the window, opening the curtains to look outside. There were no pedestrians in sight. No one she could call out to. She slammed her hands on the desk and felt something meet her hands. A notebook. Looking down, her eyes widened. The name. That name. It only made her lose her mind more. Written on the notebook was Son Chaeyoung's name. She ripped open the notebook and looked at the page. Her name was written all over the page. She screamed and threw the notebook. She had to run. She had to make it out of here no matter the cost. Whether she ran into the girl or not, she'd fight her way out of here. She ripped open the bedroom door. Silence. There was no one in sight. She ran through the home and came to the door. Ripping it open she came face to face with the figure although their face was hidden away she wasted no time shoving past them. She felt the figure reach for her wrist but she ran as fast as she could. The figure not long behind her. "Help! Help!" Mina screamed. Tears blurring her eye sight. She was running with bare feet. "Help! Help!" She screamed. But she didn't make it far before tripping over a crack in the street and falling. She began to cry furiously. She didn't want to die. She didn't want to. She felt a hand on her arm and screamed. "Hey! Hey it's just us!" Momo and Sana said. Mina looked up at them and started bawling. She clutched Momo's hand and looked in the direction of where she was running away from. The figure was gone. "Mina, Mina it's okay." Sana cooed. She leaned down and wrapped Mina in her arms. The girl was a mess. Crying furiously into her arms. "We need to get her away from here. I don't think it'll be safe for her to go home. To Jeongyeon's?" Sana asked. Momo nodded and helped pick up Mina. The girls carried her away as the figure hidden away watched. The plan was working. Mina wouldn't be able to take much more and her plan would go as planned.

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