Sick Baby!Michael

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Michael (headspace 2 years old)

Daddy- Calum



Michael felt a ill when he wake up in the morning. He started to cried for his daddies

"Daddy, Dada, Papa"Michael cried.

"Yes, baby"Calum ran in picking up Michael . Michael eyes was fill up with tears crying his heart. It was so loud when his Dada and Papa came in the room as well.

"What happen here," Luke asked. Calum shrugged," I don't know what's wrong with him."

"Baby, please tell us what wrong," Ashton pleased. Michael stopped crying, but still sniffing.

"Michael doesn't feel goo," Michael said talking in his third person.

"Daddy will give you medicine bubby," Luke said smiling at his baby boy. Michael nodded rubbing his eyes and sniffing.

They take little Michael in the kitchen finding the right stuff for their baby. Calum found it getting the spoon poured the medicine giving Michael it.

Michael was not having it, he looked at it and grimaced.

"Come on, baby it make you feel better," Ashton said. He nodded and take it and tastes he didn't like his make a 'yuck' sound. They putted Michael back to his crib taking his nap.


Michael awakens up by his nap when he felt uncomfortable in his nappy and he is feeling more ill. He sits and crys loudly until he hears someone open the door.

"What wrong baby," Calum asked worriedly.

He picked him up and smell something bad. Calum notices that Michael felting uncomfortable he felt Michael's nappy felt full. He putted Michael on the changing table laying him down take the nappy off as he grimaced the smell and looks that Michael had essay his nappy.

He puts cream and powder on so Michael doesn't get a rash and he put a clean nappy on him and puts him in a Elmore onesie.

Michael still winced about his tummy when Calum remember something that his mum rubs his stomach when his tummy hurt, so he smiled and beginning to rub Michael's tummy as he smiled warmly.

As Ashton and Luke walked in the room and saw Calum rubbing Michael's tummy as the both smiled warmly at their boyfriend and their baby.

Michael felt tired and felt sleep feeling better still his daddy rubbing his tummy made him feel better. Calum notice Michael fell asleep he stopped, but Michael wince and they decide let Michael stay in the room from the night.

They all cuddle up together dreaming peacefully!

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