AVENGERS WARNING (not a spoiler, a heads up)

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Guys, here's some serious advice. i'm staying off of instagram now until april 26th and i suggest you guys too (i'm only gonna be messaging one person back because they're making my new book covers)

if you guys haven't heard the news yet, despite disney's attempts to keep it under wraps, the ending of avengers: endgame has been leaked and is now being posted all over social media

i honestly hate people like this so much.

people have gone and watched the trailer, and have said it practically ruins the film and shows all major plot twists and (possibly) will show the characters who die

i'm uploading this to tell anyone who hasn't heard about this yet, to be very careful. personally i'm just gonna unfollow the marvel fan accounts i follow and stay away from social media because i do not wanna ruin the film for myself

it's mainly twitter and instagram based, so just be very careful that it doesn't end up on your timeline. this came out something like yesterday, and the film drops next week. DON'T RUIN IT FOR YOURSELVES!

we've waited over a year for this film, why ruin it?

just giving you guys a heads up. and you guys know i'm not violent. but if i hear any


any fucking marvel spoilers purposely leaked on this account to ruin the movies for others. i will report and i will make sure it's bad

i don't mean to threaten, i just think it's awful to ruin the film for others

saying this, i've requested that NO-ONE speaks about the movie on this page until at least the beginning of may. pm each other all you like, but i know some people (like myself) are seeing it later and i don't wanna blow it

hope you guys understand
and stay safe x

Lola x

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