Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Antonella wasn't at home when I arrived and I thought it was best to leave the subject of her cancer out of the first day coming back to Sydney. But Audrey had woke me up and I could see the pain in her face, not wanting to say it but forcing herself to say we should visit Antonella in the hospital. I wasn't rushing myself to get ready and leave. I plopped on some clothes I had left here and very simple makeup, lashes and powder foundation was all.

It was a long drive to the hospital and I had only texted Harry shortly beforehand telling him the plans for the day and if I didn't reply, I wasn't ignoring him. Audrey kept me updated, the tests were done, scans were done and they positively found the cancer in her. It hurt my heart when she said it again, but by this time I had ran out of tears.

I didn't really like hospitals much. It wasn't the smell like some people say, it was more of my knowledge of what happens in hospitals. I had been here a few times and each time I was here I didn't see many pleasant things. The continuous sick and the wounded that walked past my open door was heartbreaking...things I could never forget.

Audrey walked in front of me, guiding me towards the room holding my true mother. I wasn't sure if I was ready to see her and acknowledge she was in pain and dire need of help. I was sure she and the doctors could have done all to help her and now it was just up to her to push through.

She slowed down approaching Antonella's door and I will admit, I was nervous about seeing her in this position. When Audrey had opened the door for me and I turned the corner, I quickly noticed the bandana wrapped around Antonella's head. She was quick to open her eyes from their rest and smile, greeting me like life was at normal.

I wanted to cry, so badly. I felt my chest heave and I wanted to release the pain with my tears but it just didn't work. Harry's word rung in the back of my head, 'all you can do now is hope and be strong for her now, and take her life into help and support her along the way.' So that kept me from crying. I was quick to say hey back and rush to the side of the bed and take her into my arms. I quickly took in the warmth of her body and the weakness of her arms. She was tired and weak...

I moved my hand to the back of her head, pushing her into my shoulder more but I was quick to notice the loss of bounce her head had when her hair was there. She had luxurious hair, thick and always puffy and my favourite part was its bounce when she walked.

It was like she wasn't sick, completely ignoring the fact she had ever been diagnosed. Though she was always like this, she ended up taking care of two girls in her life so she always remained strong and she never showed any weakness, and I think that's where my confidence came from.

'How are you feeling?' I look behind me to drag a chair over to the side of her bed and I sit, watching Audrey stand on the opposite side of the bed, arms crossed and sad expression on her face.

'Eh, I'm doin' fine, Anna.' She chuckles, waving off her obvious problems. She was so chill about it and somehow I was thankful for that. I feel if she was stressful, I don't think either Audrey or I will be able to handle the pain.

'What have the doctors said lately?' Audrey spoke, shuffling her feet in the position she stood in. She was clearly uncomfortable standing here watching her mother wither in pain.

'Same thin'. This and that. Ya got this and ya got that.' She waved her arms around. 'Stage four this and stage four that is all a bunch of negative-'

'What?' I lean in a bit closer, shocked. 'Stage...four?' I look to Audrey, her expression was guilty. She wasn't planning on telling me Antonella could possibly pass on from her cancer. After Antonella noticed what was going on she reassured me, at least as best as she could.

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