Part 6 : The ways of an Inkling

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Kate's alarm clock started beeping, annoyingly making Kate wake up due to the loud beeping it made.

She bashed the top of the alarm clock with her left hand and managed to turn it of...

Kate's eyes opened with her vision all blurry. scratching the back of her head and rubbed her eyes.

As she rubbed her eyes. Her vision was now slightly clearer and Kate could see something in front of her but her vision was too blurry to depict what it was. Her vision started to get better as she blinked a couple of times.

After a couple more blinks, her vision was cleared and she suddenly realised that Cray was standing on the bed in front of her.

"Rise and shine sleepy head!" Said Cray.

Kate Screamed to see this sudden surprise which jump scared the heck out of her.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Cray Screamed in return as he didn't expect Kate to scream.

Cray then accidentally toppled backwards and fell off the bed making a great thud sound as he fell to the floor.

Kate continued to hyperventilate in bed from the scare, clutching her heart to check if she was gonna have a heart attack...

"Don't scare me like that!" Kate shouted angrily "you made me terrified!!".

"Well someone had to wake you up" Cray replied as he rubbed the back of his head from the thud "you were asleep for 12 hours".

Kate looked back at her alarm clock to see that the time was 10:30am, it was exactly 12 hours Kate had slept...


Kate was quite surprised that she had 12 hours of sleep but she was still furious at Cray...

"When did you get up then?" Kate asked.

"About 8:30..." Cray replied happily without hesitation.

"8:30?!" Kate said in surprise "what did you do when I was asleep?".

"Watched tv, looked out the window, played some board games, read your manga myself....." Cray continued to list the things he did.

"Ok I get it...." Kate said rather aggressively "but why did you wake me up?".

"That old man told you to teach me the ways of an Inkling" said Cray "and Octoling too...".

"I wasn't told what time I should get up to do it!" Kate snapped back before turning her head from Cray and rested her head back on her cushions.

"Fair point, you also wasn't told the time you shouldn't get up to do it..." said Cray.

"Fine, you got me..." Kate gave up on going back to sleep as she threw the cushion that was under her head to one side "I'll show you the ways of an Inkling like the old man said".

"WOOHOO!" Cray Shouted in excitement as he shot his arms upwards.

"But make sure you don't mess things up or be embarrassing..." said Kate as she pointed at Cray.

Although Cray already made a mess of that yesterday...

"Ok, I won't" Cray said innocently.

"C'mon lets go then" said Kate as she grabbed her bag that she threw on the sofa yesterday and tossed it onto her back.

"Sweet!" Said Cray as he followed Kate out of the apartment.


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