Thirty - Five

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Skylar's POV

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Skylar's POV

I looked down at my Physics book irritatedly. Chicken came out of nowhere and started mewling at my lap.

"Chicks, please try to shut up that sweet mouth of yours." I muttered, flipping a page.

"Okay." I whispered to myself. "So, if the velocity is zero that means the acceleration is equal to..."

I groaned and looked back at the book.

Why was Physics so hard? Why couldn't I get it? Why was a test scheduled tomorrow? More importantly, why was I still stuck at Kinematics?

I took out my phone, typing a message to Alex. But then I realized how crossed he had sounded on that sticky note. I kept my phone away.

Raising my fingers to my temples, I rubbed hard. "How am I supposed to study?" I whispered. "How am I supposed to study?"

Physics test was tomorrow. And if I failed this time, I was sure mom won't let me go. She'd probably even homeschool me.

Not like I owed anything to her.

I looked down at my book. Maybe if I got good grades, I could reach some expectations of my parents. Maybe they'd realize I wasn't much of a disappointment.

I was so into my thoughts until my phone chimed. Chicken perked up and jumped in my lap. I picked up my phone and stroked her fur.

I was expecting it to be Alex for some reason. But it was Blake.

What are you doing?

I ignored it until I heard another chime.

Mind if I help you a bit on that goddamn subject?

I looked at the screen unbelievably. My first instinct was to look around my room.

Who knows if he had fixed cameras around here?

I didn't. What sort of a person do you think I am?

I looked at the screen and gulped. I heard a tap on my window and almost jumped.

"Are you crazy?" I asked out loud. He smiled sheepishly before looking behind him. I realized how it was raining way too badly outside.

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