(37) Long Distance?

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You bite your lip.

She took the words out of your mind.

"N-No.." You answer in a soft voice.

fück! i stuttered ugh!! where the hell did my lying skills go? I NEED YOU RIGHT NOWWW-

Wasabi chuckles. welp.

"You're bailing on him, are you?" He questions, amused.

oh, if only it was amusing rather than panicking.

"I'm nooot!" You whine, acting offended.

"Sheesh. Bipolar much, girl?" You hiss under your breath.

"Then sit down and wait for your damn boyfriend." Gogo says bluntly, fanning herself with her hand, an annoyed look crossing her face.

The airport was a bit hot, and the 5 of you have been waiting since 12:30.

"Sit down!" Laughed Honey Lemon, her once worrying aura replacing her usual bubbly one. "If Gogo gets pissed, you know what'll happen." She giggles, turning her attention back on her phone.

You huff. Geeez, you have such GREAT friends.

You open your mouth to yell at them, but the sudden ding of your phone caught yourself jumping in surprise.

You scramble to get it from your pocket, almost dropping it in the processes.

With shaky hands, you swipe on your lockscreen, much to my friends' amusement.

It was Hiro.

Taking in a sharp breath, you open the message and peek.

;hey. my plane is getting ready to land in a few minutes. :)

"A-Ah.." You let out a shaky breath, letting your fingers type out your reply.

really? im wearing a white shirt, as well as ripped jeans|

Okay. that was a lie.

You erase it all again and type another one, but before you could even tap a letter, you received another text.

;i can't wait to see you, (Y/n). its been 4 years.

Reading this makes your heart flutter in happiness. You sure were lovesick for the boy, been so for years.

Yes, you did fall for a random stranger on the internet. I was a stupid decision, I know. but you just decided to give it a shot.

At first, you thought it would be nice to have a relationship with someone whom you don't internally know - or at least, you don't see physically. It sounds crazy, right? Blame the author.

Anyways, back to youㅡ

Sadly, or maybe gladly, you didn't posses the trait of blushing. You get embarrassed, yes, but you can't blush.

Staring at your screen with a lovesick smile, Honey Lemon poked your cheek to snap you back to reality. "(Y/n)?"

"Mmha- wh-what?" You blink and look up, seeing the others hold in their laughter.

"Are you okay, duduette?" Fred said in between laughs, not even trying to hold them back anymore.

"Why wouldn't I?" You reply in an unamused tone, hating how they were snickering because of you.

"You were staring at your phone with this.. smile." Wasabi tried to explain it into words, his nose twitching.

You snort, coughing out your short laughter. "Nothing, he just texted me." You smile.

"Let me guess," Gogo drawled out, waving her hand lazily. "Hiro?" She smirks at you, her expression teasing.

"Oh hush!" You snap back, playfully glaring at the ravenette.

She shrugged her shoulders and you turn your attention back at your phone, typing a quick reply.

aww, tell me when it lands.
me and my friends are waiting. :D
i can't wait to see you too, Hiwo. ❤
read at 1:06 PM ✔

You sigh softly and put your phone on your bag, patting your (skirt/shorts/jeans).

Are you really gonna back out?





also, for the requested oneshots, im still making them; don't worry! :)

and yeah, this is the end of it.

you can kill me now :')

im not making a part 2 ㅡ

i'll be going now, bAIIII♡


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April 16, 2019

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