(37) Long Distance?

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Warning: around two curse words.


You took some deep silent breathes. It was going unsteady from the fact that your heart was pounding so hard inside of your chest, it felt like it was going to burst out of it in a matter of seconds by now.

Are you really going to meet him? After all those years of waiting, chatting and whatnot - he's finally here?

"I'm freaking out.. calm yourself down..." You mutter to yourself, closing your eyes for good measures. You took another deep breath, feeling as your nerves calm down.

Sighing, you look up.

12:55 PM

'a few more minutes.' You reassure yourself. 'h-he's coming. he wants to meet you.'

Then, a thought crossed into your mind; every word seeming to take a deep stab into your little fragile heart.

What if.. what if you weren't the person he expected you to be?

You frowned.

No. He loves me for who I am. He already knows what I look like, what's the problem?

You have flaws. Undeniable UGLY flaws.

I.. I know that I do.. but -

The way that you sweat too much, don't you think that he'll have an awkward time to hug you? Kiss you and whatnot? What about when you fiddle with your stuff? Even bite on ANYTHING randomly!

I.. didn't think of it that way before....

Tsk. that's what I thought. Once he sees you, he'll definitely be disgusted. I mean, look at you!

You take a wary glance at your body, your frown going deeper than it was. You weren't thin like those girls who had body goals. You were just.. you.

You look up and take a closer look on the mirror you raised up from your bag - the visible dark circles under your eyes, plain (skin color) that was not-so-clear and a little bit pale chapped lips.

You were


You were.. ugly.

"Right. He'll never love me if he sees me. This is just a waste of time." You think to yourself, gritting your teeth in pain.

You quickly stand up, noticing your friends' confused gazes turn to look at you.

You give them a soft smile, reassuring them that it was okay.

but you weren't.

"What's wrong?" Wasabi speaks up, putting his hand on my shoulder as a sign of comfort.

"Nothing." You respond in small voice, fiddling with your shirt.

Gogo raises her eyebrows in suspicion. shit!! she always know if there's something wrong..

"Are you okay?" Gogo asks slowly, sending you a small smile.

"She's just nervous~" Fred laughed it out in a joking manner to ease the tension that was building up. He was seated near you, just right next to Honey Lemon.

"Uh.. yeah. heh." You let out a forced laugh, getting along with your expressions to make it believable. You were a good liar after all.

"Awww, something's bothering our (Y/n)!" Honey Lemon says in worry. "(Y/n), are you doubting yourself?" she looks up from her redfox cased phone, curiosity plus worry blending in her features.

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