(38) Dead Friendship

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       Tesulan’s face was expressionless as he rode on Bledgar nonstop for weeks on end. The dragon never doubted his master, that was just how loyal he was, except even a dragon had his limits. There was no doubt in Bledgar’s mind something was undoubtedly wrong with Tesulan.

 The nice, kind boy was gone. Tesulan had made Bledgar fly days without rest, the only food he had allowed him to eat was the measly goats wandering around the meadow, or the small prey that flew the sky as well.


   Tesulan would let me rest, he would let me hunt more, he wouldn't tire me. He himself hasn’t even rested or eaten since we left weeks ago! Dragons can go without food for months, but humans? Impossible. While I was asleep, he fought with Velgar, then what happened? I should’ve been there! I was sound asleep while he fought for his life! I shouldn't have overworked myself fighting against that spellcaster trying to take my mind in the Deathlands then to fly all the way to Calarant!


 ‘Tesulan let’s rest, ‘ Bledgar tried to reason with Tesulan.

  “No, Bledgar! I will not rest until I kill Pentus once and for all! He betrayed me, and I will take his head!”

  Bledgar flinched, he didn’t even try and talk to him telepathically using their special link. This wasn’t Tesulan.


                                                  *      *     *

  Tesulan clenched his fists thinking about the fight. How helpless he was.

     ~ ~ ~

 Tesulan was sinking into the darkness, his screams were helpless as he plummeted downwards.

   From the darkness he noticed a shadowy figure dart underneath him, he blindly struck with his sword.

 His sword slashed at another sword, the shadows danced off the figure’s face.


    Tesulan growled, he felt his anger boiling, he curled his hand into a fist and with all his might punched Velgar in the face. It was like punching a brick wall, Tesulan yelped, as his knuckles cracked and blood spilled from his burning fist.

 Velgar smiled at Tesulan’s futile attack.

 Now, it’s my turn!” He smirked, and with a powerful swing of his arm, Tesulan’s face exploded with pain. A shower of blood sprayed all over Tesulan’s black coat.

  Tesulan screamed as his mind went white with pain, he fought back tears of agony. Velgar showed no mercy, as he didn’t wait for him to recover, he continued his relentless combinations. Through his blurry vision he saw Velgar’s obsidian boots assault his ribs, the breath got knocked out of him, as he elbowed him in stomach once more.

  This is the end, Tesulan thought miserably, I-I  can’t take any more!

 “Delois!” A voice roared.

  As if there were strings tied to him, Tesulan’s body skyrocketed back to the streets of Calarant like a rag doll, he crashed into some arms, that carried him to safety.

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