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☯ chapter two ☯

it has been seven months since luke has given me the letter. i haven't seen or heard from him at all during those months. every day i wonder if i'll see him today but in the end i'm always disappointed. day by day i slowly lose hope and think it was never meant to be. i even kept the letter posted up on my wall of inspiration and memories. i now look back on how naive and stupid i was to think a relationship could blossom between us. this town is pretty damn small and i'm still stuck on how we've never seen each other before. 

i exhale loudly and decide to lock up the record store early that night. i'm out the door and my phone begins to buzz. i pull out my phone and see that it's a reminder that tonight is a lunar eclipse. almost on instinct, i look up at the inky sky blotted with stars and see the moon and sun inching closer by the second. panic settles in my body and i'm racing down the streets to the tallest building in town. in a matter of minutes i arrive and hastily open the door. i wave at the security guard sitting at the counter and  press up for the elevator.

you see, ever since i was thirteen i started taking an interest in eclipses. it was always tradition for me to watch them at the tallest building and i guess it just stuck with me. the building is only twenty-two floors so it takes a while for me to get at the roof top. the numbers tick by painfully slowly and i'm positive that my impatience is killing me. finally, the doors slide open and i'm met with the crisp air of spring nights. i step out the elevator and set my stuff down on the floor. 

i look up from the floor and meet the same ocean blue eyes i met seven months ago. and as cliche as it sounds, time stops. so many emotions circle through my body and all i'm thinking is lukelukeluke. i can't believe that he's standing right in front of me. in that moment i knew that this was meant to be. its not a coincedence, its fate. 

"the same day the sun and moon meet, we meet again." luke says with such a cheeky smile and i think i'm gonna melt.

"coincidence? i think not." i answer back, walking over to his side but keeping a good distance apart.

"this is fate at it's finest, darling." luke says while gesturing to the situation taking place.

 i give a small laugh at that and glance up at the sky and see the eclipse will take place any minute now. 

"lay down." luke says pointing over to the makeshift bed he has on the floor.

i do as he says and lay down on the bed and luke joins me shortly afterwards. from here we can still see the eclipse. there's a chilly breeze tonight and the nocturnal animals come out after hiding away from the daylight. everything about that moment was perfect. laying on thick, cozy blankets and pillows next to luke who called me breathtaking. staring up at the lunar eclipse and watching space at its best. it was just so peaceful and calm and nothing mattered. everything is enough.

right when the moon and sun are alligned luke takes my hand and holds it in his. they fit perfectly. i looked down at our interlocked hands and smile to myself. 

i knew that this night would be the start of something amazing.


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