I slowly walked down the hall I looked at the time on my phone it was 2am. I gripped the baseball bat tighter as I walked into the living room. I saw a figure moving and I screamed. The light flicked on "what is your problem?" Callie asked as I shielded my eyes from the light. "your back" I yelled hugging her. "surprise" she said hugging me back. "want some coffee?" I asked "sure" she said taking off her coat I started making it and she sat at the table. I handed her a cup of coffee and she drank it. "well I'm going to head to bed" I said "k night" she said and I got up and walked to my room. I got in to my bed and stared at the ceiling. I heard foot steps coming towards my room and I quickly shut my eyes and started snoring lightly. "yeah she is asleep" I heard Callie say and I opened one eye and looked at her she was talking on the phone. She giggled and went into her room. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

"mommy Callie is home!" Ash yelled in my ear the next morning. "I know" I said pulling my self out of bed. I walking into the living room where Liam was sitting and Callie was in the kitchen. "morning beautiful" he said pulling me onto his lap. "shut up" I said laying my head on his shoulder. "want to go to Starbucks?" he asked "sure" I said.

"can you carry me?" I asked and he picked me up bridal style. "why are you tired?" he asked

"because it's early" I said into his chest "babe it's almost noon" he said "exactly" I cried. He set me down in the passenger seat and he got in the other side. We drove to the nearest Starbucks and walked in "I will order for you" he said and I walked over to the booth that the lads were sitting in.

"hey Kenz" Louis said "you look....great" I looked down at Liam's white t shirt,my pink Victoria's secret sweats tucked einto my uggs. "thanks?" I said scooting in next to Harry. Liam came and handed me a cup of coffee and say next to me.

"so Kenzie I heard your going to live with us again" Niall said and I nodded. "actually" Liam said and I looked at him "I think we might buy our own flat" he said and I smiled and said "yes." all of their phones went off at once and I screamed "babe what's wrong?" Liam asked. "if it's A then I am out of here" I said. They all laughed "it's just from management we are performing in the festival today" Liam said reassuring me.


Zayn's POV:

I stared at her as she ate. She looked beautiful tonight she looked up and caught me staring and her cheeks turned the color of her hair. I leaned across the table and kissed her on the lips she pulled away and tucked a strand of her dyed red hair behind her ear. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out it was from Liam,

Liam: hey we are performing at the concert in an hour. Where are you?x

I texted back.

Be there soon!x

Kenzie's POV:

I looked at my phone to see a text from Liam,

The sexiest man alive: hey babe you coming to the festival?xxx

I texted back: of course!xxx

I put on jeans and a pink long sleeved shirt from Hollister and my uggs. I put Ash in stripped leggings with a white t shirt with a rainbow on it. I grabbed jackets for both of us and put hers on her. We walked outside and waited for Liam to pull up. When he did I buckled Ash in her seat and sat in mine. "what song are you guys going to sing?" I asked "guess" he said "what makes you beautiful?" I guessed and he said "bingo"

We pulled up to the festival and got out it was really chilly I placed Ash on my hip and we walked through the crowd. We were lead over to the stage where everyone was waiting. Even the girls I walked over to the since the lads were getting ready "hey" I said

"hey can you believe this weather?" Eleanor said "I know it's freezing" Hannah said. Then Callie came over to us "hey what are you doing here?" I asked her

"I just wanted to come" she said with a shrug "ok" I said and they took the stage. The familiar beats of what makes you beautiful came on and we all started singing. It was Harry's solo and a man emerged from the crowd he held a gun in his right hand and pointed it at the boys. I wasn't thinking and the next thing I know I was jumping in front of Liam. Pain was all I felt and I fell to the ground hitting my head in the stage. Everything was blurry,people were calling my name and I saw Ashlyn walking onto the stage and then a gunshot and then I blacked out.

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