flute song

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Kinetic energy
your restless stirring across
dimensions reaches me
like a whisper, a flute song
and I store each transmission
as if it were a phantom caress.

If static is the language we've been doomed to speak
pierce the veil—
come to me in my sleep
and if they've barred that door
then early next morning
I promise you hyacinths,
daffodils, orchids, and more.

I promise a greenhouse
a paradise
a monument.
I promise an early spring
so hurry,
hurry and awaken, my love.

Forget the electromagnetic fields of before
in these barren lands I'll erect
a field of poppies once more.
Each orange petal
the same density as a thousand tears
so when they ask you, dearest,
how Your Being accomplishes these
tell them winter births a waterfall of longing
a river of dreams
from which she dips her cup
and irrigates the fields.

All this nothing
if not for your flute humming
awake the desire in me—
your static touches blissing me.
I feel your love from across a million
gaseous galaxies.
Beg me

and I'll set the sun under your feet
to hurry along this prophecy.
Tell me to hasten, love,
so quickly you'll arrive to me.

I hold my breath
each morning, awaiting
your silhouette
to manifest in the door spring.
The moss is green, my love,
enter this abode I fashioned
out of spores and seeds
and hear it hum, hear it giggle
for it's a part of me.
Your flute song dancing, stirring,
laughing in the atmosphere.
A starting point for this
reimagined genesis.

Your breath once more
against my cheek
o how it's been my one
solace these gruesome winter weeks.
Lover, trust this fossilized body of mine
to resurrect the dandelions, the berry bushes,
the glacial streams
and mountains and cliffs,
where we first set afoot and kissed.
I remember
I remember every life cycle
even when at the end of it
you evaporate and become mist.

Apologies dearest
accept this regurgitated DNA
as my one shortcoming,
but what mating song have I
if not this tune I'm humming.
Same as yesteryear
same as tomorrow
you came to me then,
will you not now when
I'm promising days filled with joy
and not a drop of sorrow?

I promise a garden
a paradise
a monument.
I promise unity
so hurry,
hurry and awaken next to me.



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