•their kinks•

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Warnings/ this is some kinky shit right here but Five is 18 so dont come for mE

Klaus: choking/pain

Whether it be you on him, or him on you, he always gets off to a little bit of pain. When he first told you about it, you were a little bit shocked, but soon you realized you kinda like it too ;)

Luther: you

His kink is you. Truth be told, he gets off at anything you do. But he would never tell you that.

Five: orgasm control

He looooove to be in control. He is way more dominate than you, even out of bed. So when it comes to when you cum (wink wink) he decides when that happens.

Diego: BDSM/ being a dom

He's obviously wayyyyy more dominate than you and he gets off at just a little bit of leather and chains. You and me both know he is a kinky fucker.

Ben: lace

He loves when you wear lace. If its showing, even a little bit, he instantly gets turned on.

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