Chapter 98.

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"So tell me that it's on again
Tell me that it's all gonna be alright
Tell me that it's on again
Tell me that it was just a bad dream last night

Don't tell that you're not right for me
Don't tell me that I'm not right for you"

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So far I've been sat on this couch for two hours. They discharged me at 5pm, and I was still cycling between sobbing and just laying there feeling empty by that point.

Sophie was doing the best she could, but unfortunately the only person that was going to fix this gaping hole in my chest was one that put it there.

Over the good 8 hours I've had to process this, on top of the fact I was fucking drugged and my heart stopped last night - that hollow, all consuming torture that engulfed my insides has washed into something different.

Now I'm angry.

Anger the bubbles it's way out of heartbreak is a different breed of anger.

I feel it in my whole body.

The front door opening catches my attention, and I look towards it seeing Jimmy walk through first, with a haggard looking Harry following behind him.

"I fuckin told you, you won't find him.  After what he did he'll be hiding but as per-fuckin-usual shit for brains, you don't listen" Jimmy rants.

I don't say a word, I just look at them and my heart is being fucking ripped apart as soon as I see him.

I didn't even know there was anything left to rip apart but apparently there is.

Jimmy notices me first, giving me a warm smile but it drops when he notices how devastated I look and he then turns to smack Harry up the back of the head from where he's walking next to him; his head hung just looking at the ground.

"Would you stop fucking hitting me already, Jesus fuck!" Harry snaps back at him.

"Nope" Jimmy snips, folding his arms over his chest.

When Harry lifts his face to glare at Jimmy, I notice the red mark on his jaw that's already starting to bruise and I frown.

"You're lucky I only punched you in the face once" Jimmy points out, and gestures his head in my direction where I'm sat on the couch "Cause looking at what you did, I should've done it a few more times you fuckin twat"

Harry looks at him confused and then looks in my direction, freezing on the spot as soon as his eyes land on mine; and I feel like I've been kicked in the guts.

"What are you doing here?" he asks, blinking like he doesn't believe I'm sitting there.

I keep my face passive, and lift my brows sounding far too calm "I live here"

"You tell him peaches" Jimmy whisper cheers, giving me an encouraging fist pump.

"You were meant to go to Sophies" he says, still looking caught off guard.

"Sophie said to shove that up your ass, where your head is going to be when she sees you next" I reply, just staring at him and resisting the urge to scream at him.

Sophie brought me straight here from the hospital, because unlike Harry - she actually listens to me.

"Abby... Listen" he tries to begin but I push myself off the couch, cutting him off.

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