A Party: Tris's P.O.V.

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I sigh with relief when I get into my room. I walk to my closet and pull out the black cocktail dress. The top is strapless and sparkles. The skirt is solid black and it flys out when you twirl. When you don't twirl it still flows out a little. I pull on the black heels. I open my door when Lynn, Mar and Shauna knock. They sit me down and add my makeup that makes my gray-blue eyes bright blue. They = Marlene and Shauna fighting Lynn and I. They pulled my blonde hair into a braid down my back. Then they take care of each other. Shauna wore a knee high solid black dress and black heels that buckled on the side. She had a smoky eye and red lipstick. Mar wore a dress that stopped at the knees in the front and fell to her ankles in the back. A bow was fastened at her waist. Pink eyeshadow brought out her brown eyes with light pink lipstick. Lynn's dress falls to her ankles on her left and raises to above her knee. "Holy crap! I didn't know you could get any prettier Mar." Uriah says from my door. Zeke only stares in awe at Shauna.

"Who are you and what did you do with our sister?" they ask me. "You like it?"

"We're serious what'd you do with Tris?"

"Shut it. Now." I growl.

"Oh, she just looks more amazing than usual." Zeke says. I smile and walk past him to where everything is set up for the party. Then the doorbell rings. It's Lauren. She is training with Zeke and Four. She looks at Uriah and her eyes widen in disbelief. He's wearing a black tux that's splattered with paintballs. I sigh and do a face palm. "Uri?" I ask.

"Yeah Trissy Poo?" He teases.

"Why are you wearing that?" I ask.

"Zeke..." I interrupt him "Dared you to?" I finish.

"You got it Trissy Poo." He answers.

"Do Not call me Trissy Poo." I growl.

"Ok Beatrice." He coos and I give him a death glare at he shrinks. Another knock on the door it's Erudite Eric. He looks at me. Stunned. Another knock reveals Susan and Robert, another set of twins me and Uriah's age, we played with each other as kids, I don't think they'll stay after Choosing Day. Robert and Susan aren't strong or brave enough. I lead them in and Zeke lets Four in. I hug Robert, I see a strange look cross his dancing blue eyes, jealousy? I never really see jealousy so I wouldn't know. Uriah runs up and throws me over his shoulder again. I'd crawled up behind him and pulled down his pants. He looked horrified. I sit up and laugh. He pulls up his pants and looks down at me. He goes to call mom but thinks twice knowing she'll take my side. Zeke lifts me off the ground. A few more people come and we start the games. "What should we play?" Zeke asks.

"Never Have I." Uri and I answer at the same time.


"How do you play it?" Eric asks.

"Someone says Never Have I something they've never been or done. Whoever has has to take a shot. First person drunk is out." Uriah basically screams.

"I start! Never Have I kissed a boy." All the girls take a shot except me at Zeke's moronic sentences. i notice everyone but my ding-dong brothers and best friends staring at me. "What?"

"You would think you would have kissed a boy before. I mean you're so pretty." Lauren says. "Even if I tried my two mindless 'protectors'," I say sarcastically "would just about kill him."

"We can't not protect you?" Zeke asks.

"Fine." Zeke keeps taunting, pushing it too far, so I shove him out of his chair and sit in it. "Yeah, and I get what I want too." Zeke groans but I ignore him. "Oh Zeke you're so sweet giving you're chair to a girl like that!" Shauna coos.

"Yeah. Is it just me or is the world spinning?"

"You stupid."

"Can we get back to the game?"

"Why not."

"Never Have I kissed a girl." All the boys but Four take a shot. We get through everyone and I don't take one shot. It's Zeke's turn and he makes it a point to get Uriah and I. "Never Have I been a twin." I groan and take the first shot I have tonight. Uriah does too. I feel the alcohol on my throat and notice everyone but my best friends and brothers watching me. "What?" I ask.

"You have twins?" Eric slurs.

"Yeah, I know. But really he's my twin, ok?" everyone nods and the game goes on. I take one more shot from Four who says "Never Have I been a girl." It's my turn, "Never Have I been 14 years 302 days and 5 minutes." Everyone but me takes a shot. "Why do I have to be 5 minutes older?" Uriah complains.

"And you use it as your bragging right." he tackles me and we fight until Zeke says "Ok little kids, either stop or get out." Uriah and I stop fighting and smile evilly at each other. We stand acting like we're going to sit by Zeke but when we get there we tackle him. Somehow they manage to get on top of me. I'm laughing hard and yelling stop because they're tickling me. They finally stop and I just lay there, Four looks down at my face. I'm still smiling when I sit up. I go sit between Uriah and Zeke. I still am wearing my goofy smile when Erudite Eric refuses to kiss his crush. We go on to play Spin-The-Bottle. "To play this, you spin the bottle and kiss who it lands on. First two to refuse are out. The first two to get jealous are out. My non-precious little brother, Uriah, will start." Uriah spins it and it lands on Marlene. He sighs in relief and easily kisses her. It goes for a while everyone kissing there date. Luckies. I'm after Four, he spins the bottle and it lands on...


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