Rolling out of a car going at 20 mph

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Brooklyn sighed deeply as she leaned against the front leather seats of Nathan's car and stared emptily at the roof.

"What are you thinking right now?" Nathan asked as he took a left onto a shabbier street for maids and servants. Apartment duplexes lined the sidewalks, and a few homeless people leaned against their white washed walls with empty bottles of beer in hand. Brooklyn noticed the change in scenery and stared sullenly out the window.

"I'm just tired," Brooklyn muttered as her breath fogged the glass.

Nathan stared at her through the corner of his eye, trying to figure her out. The entire day, Brooklyn had walked around the mall without complaint, and smiled cheerily at everyone. What was wrong with her now?

Brooklyn rolled down the window, breathing in the surprisingly clean air of the neighborhood. The breeze twined its fingers through her hair, and Brooklyn pretended it was Number 12's. How could she have spent so much money on useless luxuries when it could have saved several lives back at IHG?

Suddenly, a young girl's scream shattered the silence and Brooklyn's darting eyes finally rested on a gang of men whipping a naked figure lying on the cold wintry ground of a dark alley. She was about the same age as Number 12, and tears poured out of her scared hazel eyes.

The men laughed as they cracked their whips against the girl's raw back, snickering with her every scream.

Brooklyn, not thinking about the time or place, yanked the car door open and rolled onto the street, quickly getting up and running over to the group.

"Stop it!" she shouted as she sprinted towards them.

Nathan sweared under his breath, and slammed the car into a screeching halt. As he got out, Brooklyn stood over the little indenture, her arms barring the way from the men and her eyes filled with hatred.

The men looked at one another, and burst out laughing.

"Hey, little lady," a guy with a cigar in his mouth smiled. "Run along and minds your own business, eh?"

"And what if I don't?" Brooklyn snapped back. "You guys can't treat her like this! What did she do to you?"

"What did she do?" another man with a grisly face laughed. "The brat dropped a plate of food in our restaurant, so we drags her out and beats her up. 'S her fault of being so useless of a waitress. You're just a kid, see, and you ain't got no idea about how the real world works. So run along home, you spoiled girl, befores we get angry."

The man reached out to grab Brooklyn's arm, but she promptly kicked him in the groin with a fifty dollar boot, and he crumpled to the ground, swearing at the top of his lungs. The other men shouted out to him, and turned to Brooklyn with glares.

"Looks like you needs a lesson, little lady!" someone shouted. Brooklyn saw the uncoiled black snakes whistle through the air, hissing as they fell down on her and the indenture. Brooklyn dropped to the ground over the little girl and braced herself.

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