Chapter 4

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"Okay maggots! I'm going to see what kind of element you control!" Willow, Emmy, and a bunch of other students were crowded around a stout, burly man. His name was Mr. Johnson, and he was the Elemental Academy's main gym teacher. Emmy and Willow had been at the school for only two hours, just going through DNA tests, brain exams, and a little questionnaire.

Emmy elbowed Willow gently. "This is stupid, probably half of the kids in here already know what element they control. I wonder how they are even going to test this. I bet nobody here knows even how to control their powers," Emmy whispered to Willow. Willow nodded at her and then looked back at the teacher. Mr. Johnson ushered all the kids to sit against the wall. "Let's start the testing."

He then looked at a notebook full of names. "Blake Manning, you are up first. Show us what you got," he said. A tall, fit boy stood up and approached the teacher. The boy looked to be 15, with medium length of brown hair which was slightly shorter on the sides and spiked up in the front. For some reason Willow felt butterflies in her stomach, but she didn't exactly know why. Was this a girly moment? She never had girly moments.

Mr. Johnson directed him to the middle of the room, giving him enough space. "Alright kid, I'm gonna set some objects down, and you will have to lift them with your element," mr. Johnson barked. Blake nodded as the teacher laid several objects around him. Blake closed his eyes, concentrating hard. That's when water spurt from his hands and the ground in large strands and lifted the objects high in the air. The teacher nodded and wrote some notes. There were a few more tests for Blake to do, and he aced all of them. In Willow's eyes he was flawless. Once he finished, Mr. Johnson ushered him back to the crowd of kids.

Mr. Johnson continued calling up random students. "Willow Bluejay!" Mr. Johnson called. Willow stood up slowly and went to the middle of the room. She didn't know how to control her element. She tried not to panic as he placed the objects around her. "Go," mr. Johnson said gruffly. Willow closed her eyes and concentrated. She could hear sounds around her but she dare not look. She could hear gasps from the students In front of her. She then dared to look. She was using her element that's for sure, but not just one. Each object was being held by a different element. She could see stones swirling around to hold up a disk. She saw a great gust of wind bringing a hat up and down. She saw a strand of water tied around a glass and a wall of fire lifting a clock. She was using more than one element. She sipped in a quick breath and all the objects went tumbling down. Everyone stared at her for a moment. It must have been a whole two minutes before mr. Johnson dismissed her. She walked back to the cloud of staring kids, the silence filled her ears, creating an eerie ringing inside her head.

She sat down next to Emmy who smiled at her. Willow flashed a smile back. She didn't like how everyone kept staring at her, it was unnerving. Mr. Johnson finally started the tests up again but nobody was paying attention to them. Everyone in the room was more interested in the girl with the gift of 4 elements.

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