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Meeting Boystory at the mall
Boystory Scenario


(You're going to be 11 in this story and... Its going to be taglish)


Me, Sophia (my actual cousin), my parents and Chai (my other cousin) went to the mall. Both my cousins know I have an obsession over Boystory.


We were here in this cafe, it wasn't really crowded-- who am I kidding? Nobody was there except me and both my cousins.

We ordered milk tea and we sat at a table waiting for my parents to finish grocery shopping for my Aunt's birthday.

Then, 6 boys arrived...

"Oi! Diba Boystory yun? Sigaw mo ang pangalan nila!!" -Sophia

"Huh? Bakit? Hindiiiii pwede! Shut up na nga!" I said rolling my eyes at her but in the inside, I was fangirling.

"Sigaw mo nalang ang 'Ren Shuyang' sige na~~ Or, gusto mo na ako?" -Sophia

"Sige na!!! Sigaw ko na ang Ren Shuyang... Pero...." sabi ko,

"Pero? Ano?" -Sophia

"Kung hindi ako ma notice ni Shuyang, papatayin kita!" Sigaw ko sa kanya, "Bahala ka jan" sabi nya at nag roll ng eyes.

I sigh and....

"REN SHUYANG!" Sigaw ko, I turned my back and got embarrased for shouting and... I'm going to kill Sophia now..

"Papatayin kit--" I got cut off by Sophia saying, "Tingnan mo oh! Nanotice ka nila!!" Sabi nya at nag smile sa akin.

"Huh!? Totoo ba?! Oh joke ba ito?" I asked, "HINDI! TINGNAN MO OH!!", I looked at my back and saw them smiling and waving 'hi' at me. I did the same thing and ran out of the cafe with my unfinished milk tea. At, pumunta si Sophia sa akin.

"Diba sabi ko na nanotice ka nila? Hindi ka maniwala ehh..." She said and I just rolled my eyes at her. "Oh sige na.. For the first time, you were right..." I said and joked..

"HINDI AH!!" Sigaw nya sakin. "Whatever" I said and then, Boystory came up to us..

"Putangina Sophia!!!" Sigaw ko sa kanya.. She just rolled her eyes,

"Hi!! We just wanted to know your name!" Sabi ni Hanyu, ang grabe, english english pa...

"Uhm... Yn." Sabi ko at sabi ni Hanyu, "How old are you?" (HOW OLD R U sorry.)

"I'm 11..." I said and Zeyu nudged Shuyang's shoulder and was like, "Ayiee".


They all went after a little convo with me but, Shuyang came back running to me (ayiee srry...) and asked for my number, "Hey... Can I have your # so we can text?"

I dazed out and finally gave him my number and squeeled. Then, he waved at me and went back to his members..

"AYIEEE MAY BOYFRIEND NA SI YNNN" Sigaw ni Sophia.. "Hoi!! Promise mo na hindi mo to sasabihin kay Chai o Shontelle o Aethan ha? PROMISE MO BA?! KUNG HINDI PAPATAYIN KI--" Sigaw ko pero na cut off ako kay Sophia, "Oo!! Promise!! Sige na!! Pauwi na tayo!" (Baby pauwi nakoooo~)


The End.


This is lame 😂 and short 😂 All the names here that was mentioned; Shontelle, Aethan, Chai, Sophia are my cousins actually.

Sorry that I haven't been uploading... I'm actually having swimming classes.

Thank you for reading!!! If by any chance, you're reading my, 'She's Different' book, I'm so sorry that I haven't uploaded in a while, I'm working on it but like... My cousin keeps deleting my drafts that I was going to publish so yeah... I'll be doing it again... Okay... Thanks for making me reach 100+ readers in this book!! Thank you!!


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