Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Tristan was alone, all over again. But he refused to stay that way for long. Driven by his instincts, he found himself going to the one place he knew he'd find solace.


When she opened up, the stony expression on his face, mixed with him being drenched from the pouring rain outside, immediately clued her into his state of mind.

"Tristan? What's wrong?" she asked. He answered in the only way he could think of, the only way to express everything he was feeling.

"I need you," he said. At his distraught voice, she quickly let him in and wrapped him up in her arms.

"What happened?" she asked again as they made it to the couch.

"My mom...she came to my house. I got home from work and she was there. Appeared out of nowhere."

"What?! What did she want?"

"To apologize, I guess. Or rather, to make excuses."

"What did she say exactly?"

"Does it really matter? The point is she thinks she can waltz back into my life and erase everything that's happened. Like the years without her never happened."

"I get that, why you didn't want to talk to her, but..." Jada bit her lip uncertainly.

"But what?" Tristan asked warily.

"I know I don't really know her but I don't think she'd come back unless she was being sincere. Unless she truly loves you and wants to make amends."

"Loves me? I gave up on the idea love exists long ago."

How could he believe in love after watching his family fall apart? After years of being with women who only wanted him for one thing. Tristan got up from the couch and turned away, hiding the tears that were starting to brew in his eyes. He'd come here for comfort, but truthfully, he didn't want Jada to see how weak he was. She didn't let him hide for long, as she came up behind him and held onto him in a light hug.

"Love does exist if you believe in it," she insisted.

Tristan scoffed, turning back to her. "How can you not be cynical after Daniel?"

"Because he wasn't the one. But when you find the right person, you open up to them. You fight for them, protect them, accept them for who they are. If they're truly for you, then they do the same. When love between two people is beautiful like that, it doesn't fade away. Unless you let it."

"That IS beautiful and also overly-optimistic of you," Tristan said. He touched her cheek affectionately. "Thank you for listening. Being here like this."

"Of course, but can I say one more thing?" she asked cautiously.


"You're dripping water all over my hardwood floor." Jada pointed down to their soggy feet.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry!" Tristan ran his fingers through his damp hair, frustrated with the night's whole disaster.

"It's okay. Why don't you take a shower? We can dry your clothes."

"Sounds good, on one condition."

"What?" Now it was Jada's turn to be wary.

"We finish what we started the LAST time I was in your bathroom."

"Tristan!" Jada slapped him on the chest. "Mikayla is here!"

"In her own room, with her own bathroom. She won't hear us over the shower running."

In spite of her protests, Tristan saw the wheels turning in Jada's mind. Eventually, she gave in, leading him to her room.

As the shower began to heat up, Tristan and Jada squared off, eyeing one another. Surprisingly, Jada was the one to make the first move as she reached for his wet shirt. Lifting it up over his head, she then traced his muscular arms, feeling the goosebumps on his skin.

"Wow, you really are cold."

"I'm sure you'll know how to warm me up," Tristan said innocently enough but he reached for the buttons on Jada's shirt. She rolled her eyes but conceded, letting him undress her. He caressed her flawless skin as he traveled across her body. From her lush breasts to her curved stomach, and eventually much lower. As he fondled her tender folds, Jada rushed to finish disrobing him.

"I think we can hop in now." Tristan took notice of the steam flowing through the room.

Jada hesitated before crossing the threshold of the tub.

"To be honest, I've never done it in the shower before. What if we fall and break our asses?" she asked nervously.

Tristan held back his experienced revelation that it was all about balance, because hell, he wasn't that stupid.

"Trust me, I've got you," Tristan said instead. Placing his hands on her waist, he guided her into the embrace of the trickling water.

For a while, they did dutifully scrub away. Jada made sure to shampoo Tristan's hair and anoint him in lathers of lavender soap. Yet, its scent, mixed with Jada's own intoxicating aroma and the heat, had Tristan's temperature—and other parts of his anatomy—rising. He gave up on showering completely and pulled Jada into a deep kiss, pushing her back against the tiled wall. They explored each other, melding their bodies together in sensual circles.

At last, Tristan headed towards home. Lifting her up with her back still pressed against the wall, he rubbed his erection against her entrance. However, at this point, Jada froze.

"Tristan, I'm going to fall if we do it like this," she said, worried they were about to have more of a slip and slide accident than a shower sexcapade.

"I got you, babe."

At Jada's reluctant noise of uncertainty, Tristan sighed. He let go of her and eased her feet back down on the shower floor. But he didn't give up completely. Instead, he guided her towards the shower head and got her to wrap her hands around the handle.

"Can you hold on better this way?" Tristan said suggestively.

Jada nodded and Tristan lifted her up once more, gripping her hips. Enveloped in exhilarating kisses, Tristan moved inside her. Her wet heat that surrounded him was only rivaled by the hot water glistening off their bodies. Jada let out an intense moan, clearly having forgotten about the slippage factor. Tristan wasn't far behind her, losing himself in the sensations of her, of them together as they both reached a fevered, moist ecstasy.

While they came down from the high, Tristan placed Jada's shaky feet back on the ground. Yet, he still kept his arms around her, not wanting to leave the warm cocoon the shower had become. After all, everyone knows once you leave a nice shower, you get hit with frigid cold air as you step back out. That inevitable chill would end not only his and Jada's rendezvous but his escape from reality. His escape from the past and what might happen in the future.

So, he stayed wrapped up in Jada as the wet droplets fell. 

*** Here's to those epic, romantic moments that can only truly be felt when you're drenched.

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