That really made me nervous. Poseidon's voice came into my head about calling him, but I pushed it away. I didn't want to bother him. I didn't know that my nervousness was showing until Grover reached over and tapped my shoulder. He looked at me and mouthed, "Are you okay?" I nodded my head yes.

Then I heard, "Percy" come from the teacher. I knew that it was my turn.

"Uh...." I started reading the passage the best I could. The words kept floating off the page and all over the place. I could tell what I was saying was choppy. I blushed red.

"Oh my gods!" I hear someone yell. "Are you really that stupid?"

My head snaps up in the direction of the voice. I see a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes with a scar that crosses one of his blue eyes.

"Luke!" I hear the teacher screech. "That's not nice!"

"What? Where all thinking it!"

"Shut up, Luke!" I turn to Grover who just stood up for me. He was the only person besides Poseidon to stand up for me. It made me feel good on the inside.

"Got a problem, crutches?" Luke asked.

"Hey!" I yelled. No one messes with my friends. "You better watch your mouth before I put you in your place."

"Boys!" The teacher yelled. "Stop now!"

We stopped but me and Luke continued to stare at each other. The teacher then moved on to the next student to read. While they were reading Luke mouthed to me, "This isn't over, Jackson."

Pufff, this dude doesn't know who he's messing with.

Finally, it was time for lunch. I was starving. Me and grover sat together and we talked about what happened in English. We both thanked each other for sticking up for one another, but we both brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal. It really was in my book, though. I think it was in Grover's too. We continued talking until I saw a familiar blonde ponytail and gray eyes.

It looks like she saw me too. She walked over to our table. "Percy? What are you doing here?"

"Hey, Annabeth. Yeah, my dad switched schools, so here I am."



"Thalia told me what happened to your head. Is it better?"

I rolled my eyes. "It's not a big deal. It never was. I'm fine."

"Mhmm. Kay."

Then the topic changed. We talked about small stuff at first, but then it got bigger as we grew closer and started talking bigger. We talked about how we were all kind of freaks in our own way, but together we made a perfect team to which we all laughed at. We could be freaks together.

I finally felt I was going to fit in somewhere. I had made two friends. And they are funny and awesome. The most important part is that they like me for me. This might make the rest of the year great.

I looked over to see Annabeth was staring at me. She smiled like she was thinking the same thing. I nodded my head at her, agreeing.

The rest of the day went well. I have Grover in some classes and Annabeth in some classes. It couldn't have been better. They are the only two I need to be in school with.

It was time to go home and me, Annabeth, and Grover said bye and we parted ways. I was heading outside while looking for Poseidon when I heard, "Percy Jackson?"

I turned to see who called me. I saw an older man there walking towards me. It was weird but I think his eyes shined gold in the sun. Creepy.

"Uh, yeah? Do I know you?"

"Oh, no. You don't, but your father does.


"Yeah, I have a message for him, but he hasn't been answering me. So, I had to do this the hard way and see you."

Okay, this dude was really creeping me out.

"Um, I think I should go look for my dad now."

"No. That is not a good idea. You see, I need to see your father."

"Well, if he is not answering you I think that leaves a pretty clear message, mister. Leave him alone." I say and go to walk away. I suddenly see Poseidon and I am overfilled with joy. I then see the look on his face and pale. He's scared. Scared of this dude. I then feel a tight grip on my wrist as I get yanked back towards the man. I take a intake of breathe in pain, my wrist is defiantly going to be bruised with this grip.

I see Poseidon start running towards us in my peripheral vision. Poseidon must be fast than he looks because all of the sudden he is right next to us, snatching the dude's hand from my wrist and pushing me behind him.

"What are you doing here?" Poseidon snarls.

"You wouldn't talk to me, son."


"I am not your son, Kronos."

"You think you can hide him, Poseidon. This was to show you that you can't. I am everywhere. I know everything. You can't protect him against me. You might as well hand him over now!"

Him? Is that him me? Uhhh. This just got awkward.

"I won't let you take him. I won't let you destroy his life like you did ours!"

"Poseidon, I want helping you!"

"No, you weren't! Your insane! You won't ruin my son's life like you did mine! I won't let you! He deserves more!"

I probably would feel really good about Poseidon saying that stuff about me if it wasn't under these circumstances.

"You've been warned, Poseidon. Watch your back."

"Get out of here, Kronos!"

With that the guy, Kronos, walked away, but Poseidon still stood there. He was stiff and angry. His eyes were cold and hard as stone. When you see it, Poseidon can be really scary. Like super scary. And you can tell he is stronger than Gabe.

I can tell Poseidon is enraged, but we probably need to leave. People are kinda staring, but I am also scared to touch him. It never turned out well when I got on Gabe's nerves when he was mad. But Poseidon isn't Gabe, so I don't have anything to be scared of... right?

I pulled at his shirt a little.

No response.

"Dad?" I asked.

A pause.


"You okay?"

Poseidon slowly turned around. He looked me straight in the eyes. Suddenly, he dropped on his knees and pulled me into a super tight hug and I thought that I might break a rib.

"Am I okay? Seriously? You're asking me that?" He laughed nervously. "Are you okay?" He pulled me away from his chest and at arms length. "Let me see your wrist." He grabbed my arm and examined my wrist. "We need to ice it, come on." We then walked back to the car.


"Yes, Percy?" He looked at me and I didn't think it was possible to have so much emotion in your eyes. I saw anger, sadness, fear, but most of all love, determination, and protectiveness. I feel like the three last ones were for me.

"I think it's time we have that talk now."
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