Date Night

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Wendy wakes up and makes her bed. It's Friday. So she puts on her yellow sweater because Friday means yellow. She puts on her lanyard, with her Star Trek pin attached this time, and smiles. She doesn't know how she will be able to concentrate at work today. Lavender wrote to meet her at 7:00 pm. 7:00 pm is 11 hours and 13 minutes away! Wendy doesn't know how she will survive until then.

              11 hours and 13 minutes later

    "Wendy!" Lavender's face lights up as she calls Wendy over to meet her.

    "Is this -" Wendy can't believe her eyes. Lavender is standing right outside the Planetarium. Wendy had always wanted to go.

    "The planetarium?" Lavender finishes. "Yes, yes it is." She looks down, shifting her weight from foot to foot. "Do you... Do you like it?"

    "It's amazing," Wendy breathes.

    "Well, we should probably go inside." Lavender holds out her hand. "Oh, um sorry, you don't have to if you don't want..." Wendy takes Lavender's hand and allows her to lead her inside the building. Lavender's cheeks turn pink.

    Once inside, they are treated to a spectacular display of stars, planets, and asteroids. Wendy excitedly points out little details, informing Lavender how many light years it takes for sunlight to penetrate Earth's atmosphere, and letting Lavender hold her hand the entire time.

    Lavender smiles, watching Wendy's face light up every time she notices something that could be associated with Star Trek. Wendy is beautiful, Lavender thinks. She wants to hold her tight, listen to her talk about Star Trek, read her writing, and...

    Before she knows what she is doing, Lavender leans over and kisses Wendy on the cheek.

    "Oh my god, Wendy, I'm so sorry!" Lavender buries her face in her hands, her face bright red.

    "Why are you sorry?"

    "I kissed you without permission."

    Wendy leans over and kisses Lavender on the lips, silencing her.

    "Now we're even," she says.

    During the rest of their stay at the planetarium, Lavender can't take her eyes off of Wendy. She knows she is here to look at stars and planets, but, to Lavender, Wendy is the most beautiful star of them all. Finally, the girls leave the building and walk outside to say goodnight to each other. Lavender knows she has to act now or she will regret it forever.

    "Wendy, would you, um..." Lavender fidgets with her braids and takes a deep breath. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

    "I would like that very much."

    "You would?" Lavender blushes. "In that case," she reaches into her purse and pulls out a pin. It has a picture of lavenders on it. "I want you to have this. You can put it right next to your Star Trek pin and think of me. Unless that's weird, um..."

    Wendy takes the pin out of her hand and pins it on her lanyard. Right next to her Star Trek pin so her two favorite things can be together. She smiles and says "I have to go home now, bed time is at 10 pm." She starts to walk away before turning around. "Lavender?"

    "Yes, Wendy?"

    "Thank you."

    Wendy makes her way home, where she tells Scottie all about Lavender until Scottie reminds her it is 1 AM and Wendy should probably go to bed.

A/N: Thank you for reading! What is your ideal date night?

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