twenty three; unexpected

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C H A P T E R  T W E N T Y T H R E E ;

millie's pov;

b e l i e v a b l e .

i followed the lines i had practiced to my honestly not so good ability, i sat down and stood up with respect when asked, and i prayed beyond the stars every time i spoke that the judge could see i was telling the truth.

i straightened out my posture as confident as i was able to, still feeling like a deer in the headlights. the judge said "i believe we've heard enough," and i took my seat for the last time.

i gently clasped my hands under the table making direct eye contact with the judge, it was blurry but i could tell the woman was returning the stare. with a single tear of sweat running along my spine, the flimsy case folder was closed and the announcement was made.

opening her mouth, the jury surprisingly spoke as if the result was obvious to begin with.

"we the jury, in the case of millie brown versus jaeden lieberher, find the defendant not guilty of the charge of domestic violence."

"thank you, court is adjourned."

they said there wasn't enough proof, nothing in the books, nothing to prove that the charge would be rightly and truthfully administered.

was my body not evidence?

third person pov;

tiny groups of mumbling people cleared out of the court room, and just like that, it was over. millie remained up front alone, a few hands patted her shoulder before they left in sympathy.

as jaeden was kept in confinement before the trial, the workers on the case did everything they could to find clear evidence of an abusive relationship but nothing came up. nothing suspicious over text, the only proof was by word, and they needed the black and white, not the gray.

finn brushed his hands on his pants to make them less clammy, and slowly approached his friend once everyone was gone. as he was about to open his mouth, millie stood up and turned to him with not a single tear in her eye. there was no indication of sadness, none of anger, no more tormenting fear. absolutely, nothing.

"we both know that shouldn't of happened," finn spoke quietly, sticking his hands in his front pockets. "it's fine," she nodded, walking out the door without another word.

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