Chapter Nineteen

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Tristan lazily propped his elbow up against the towel rack, a cocky smirk on his face.

"We've got to stop meeting like this."

Despite having seen it all before, Jada moved to cover her eyes. Then realized that she was half naked and went to cover herself instead.

"Tristan, I said the room on the left!"

"Oh. I've never been good with directions."

His eyes unashamedly roved over her body, causing Jada to feel a different kind of heat rising through her.

"It's okay. I'll use the other bathroom." Jada turned to leave, when all of a sudden, she felt Tristan's strong hands cradling her waist.

"You don't have to rush off. It would actually be a much better idea for us to shower together. You know, to conserve water. And that way the water pressure won't get thrown off." As he spoke, his hands moved lower and lower until they were touching the waistband of her underwear. Gently exploring, he slowly moved his hand to the front of her panties. Just as he was about to slip his hand inside, Jada regained her senses and squirmed out of his embrace.

"I think a cold shower is exactly what you need," she squeaked.

Before he could make another tantalizing proposition, Jada slammed the door closed.

Good god! She'd almost let her own bathroom, while she was already late for work! She might have detested him on a general overall level, but there was no denying how sexy he was. How tempting he was. The kind of hold he had over a woman's body should be illegal.

Fanning herself, Jada snatched an outfit out of her closet and then ran into Mikayla's room. Locking her cousin's bathroom door behind her, she had to face facts: she was the one who needed a cold shower. Although the idea of finishing what Tristan had started was extremely tempting. Especially as she knew he was just a few rooms over, lathering his body the same way she was washing hers. Was he thinking about her too? Maybe even touching himself the way she wanted to?

Jada mentally slapped herself and chose to focus on the necessities. Scrub, rinse, repeat. She continued the process until she felt sane and composed instead of like a cat in heat.

By the time she'd gathered herself and stepped out of Mikayla's room, Tristan was already freshly showered, dressed, and nibbling on fruit in her kitchen. She didn't comment on the overly comfortable action as she was too busy trying not to picture his hands sliding inside her underwear.

"Are you ready to go?" she mumbled, refusing to make eye contact.

"Are you? Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle before?" he asked.

She looked up, remembering that little detail.

"You have an extra helmet, right?" Jada's stomach suddenly felt queasy.

"Yes, and I promise, you'll be safe with me." His eyes were bright and kind.

God, how she wanted to believe him! This thought echoed through her mind throughout the bike ride as she clutched onto him for dear life.

She wanted to believe that he wouldn't break her heart to bits. Or at the very least, they could hook up and walk away relatively unscathed. But that didn't seem to be the fate most women had after dealing with Tristan. Especially if Angela's expression was anything to go by.

When the leading lady spotted Jada and Tristan walking on to the set together, a grimace of pain flashed across her face but was quickly replaced with disdain. Arriving together, with Tristan's hair still damp, added up to one conclusion in the eyes of the prying crew. Jada caught several amused smirks as she made a beeline for the dressing room but she ignored them. At last, she caught up with Mikayla who had the decency not to pressure her once she noticed Jada's frazzled demeanor. Nevertheless, Jada was sure she'd be peppered with questions later at home.

While Cassandra was in the middle of transforming her face into a work of art, Jada's phone went off. Her stomach sunk when she saw the caller ID: Avery Kane.

"Excuse me," she said to Cassandra, then stepped away to take the call.

"Hi, Avery. What's going on?"

"It turns out that guy from the club is legit. Logan Wentworth is definitely a bigwig and he wants YOU to audition for the lead role in his new movie, Love and War. It's an upcoming action flick. They've already got a big named director attached."

Jada resisted the urge to squeal, but before she could reply at all, Avery cut her off.

"I'll send the script over tonight along with the information for the audition. Don't fuck this up, please."

And then she hung up. Not that Jada wanted to hold a conversation with her, but a few pleasantries would have been nice. Then again, at least Avery had said please before telling her not to fuck up. Either way, her heart fluttered with joy at the prospect of this job actually turning into a reality. Surprisingly enough, the first person she wanted to tell was Tristan. She got the ideal chance as he stepped into the make up department.

"Guess what?" She beamed at them, the incident from this morning momentarily forgotten.

"You've realized you're madly in love with me?" He presumed.

"No." Jada swatted at him. "I got a call about Logan's movie. Avery's going to send over the script for the audition."

"That's great. We should rehearse together."

"What do you mean?"

"Doug called me. Logan wants me to audition too. If things go well, we'll probably end up reading together anyway, so...your place? Tonight?"

Jada's brain blanked. She didn't have a real reason to tell him no, but did she really want him back in her apartment? At the scene of the crime. The very naked, nearly X-rated crime.

"Um...sure, I guess," she faltered.

"Alright. Sounds good. I'll meet you after work," he said it easily like it was nothing for him to show up at her place again. Meanwhile, Jada's heart was doing somersaults.

Tristan, in her house again. With his lips that told her all the things she wanted to hear. With his hands that knew exactly what her body wanted...

Dear baby Jesus, she was in trouble!

She told Mikayla as much on their drive home.

"He's coming over again?" Mikayla's face lit up with glee. "That's not bad. That's great!"

"What the hell is going on with you? You were on the whole 'boo Tristan' train right with me after what he did. In fact, you were the one that wanted to release the video. And yet, now all of a sudden, you're all for me hooking up with him."

"I was always for you hooking up with him. That dimmed a bit after his behavior, but now...well, I see how happy you are around him."

"Happy? You mean more like a rabid dog."

"Okay, sure. Just know I'll be staying over at Alia's so you and Tristan can 'work.'"

"What?! You can't leave me alone with him!" Jada panicked. She hadn't even told Mikayla about what had happened this morning yet. Although, at this point, the revelation would be more like ammo than a valid reason for Mikayla to play chaperone.

"Look, you agreed to this arrangement. So either, you manage to keep your hormones in check on your own or give into them." This worthless advice was Mikayla's last say on the matter. 

*** I think we all know at this point that Jada and Tristan could never just naively rehearse and "be friends." After all, Billy Crystal's right. The sex part is already out there... 😏 

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