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❝ Face it, sweetheart, the universe is trying to tell ya something. ❞

❝ Oh? What's the universal message I'm supposed to get? ❞

❝ That we are Endgame. ❞

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  The bristles of her hairbrush combed through her long dark locks for what seemed like the hundredth time, detangling any sorts of nonexistent knots that laid hidden in her wavy tresses. With each stroke of her hairbrush, Selene stared absentmindedly at her own reflection from her vanity mirror. Her appearance looked slightly nicer than normal, having donned a white poet's blouse underneath her casual black fitted dress whilst she wore her nicest pair of white trainers.

  It was very evident that she had made an effort to showcase her looks for a certain Trashmouth, yet, instead of her rosy lips curving into her usual dreamy smile, her feelings of excitement were overshadowed by the sharpening sting of terror.

  A part of her thought herself to be silly for having felt this way, but there was a larger part of her, where her intuition had been brought to light and may have convinced her that she wasn't insane to feel horrified of red balloons.

  Slipping past her cherry flavored lips was a soft sigh of defeat. This wasn't how it was supposed to go, no, in fact, the Summers girl had thought preparing for her first date would be an experience filled with undeniable happiness that had sent her blood rushing with excitement... but, instead, she sat in front of her mirror, brushing her hair with sore arms as her mind laid elsewhere, buried above in smokes of worries. Her stomach began twisting itself in painful knots, very different from the butterflies she were victims to, each time she thought of Richie.

  Immediately, she chastised herself for allowing her dark thoughts to consume her and cloud what was supposed to be a great time. Shaking her head, Selene finally placed down her hairbrush into her vanity table and took deep intakes of calming air. After a few moments of silence, Selene's head perked up when she heard the light rapping of knuckles against the door of her room. "Come in!" Selene half-heartedly voiced from inside.

  The door slowly creeped opened to reveal the beautiful face of her mother, her lips twisted into an excited smile as her dark brown eyes scanned over the appearance of her daughter. "You have a visitor waiting for you downstairs... it's your date!" Rowan added with a slight girlish squeal, "I can't believe, I'm finally able to say that."

  "Mom..." Selene quietly whined, but there was a small pit of envy that wove it's way inside her veins when she saw the bubbly excitement displayed over her own mother's features instead of her own.

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