Chapter Fifteen

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"Jada! Come on. It's been thirty minutes," Tristan whined as Jada sifted through the boutique's array of swimsuits.

"Picking the perfect suit takes time, Tristan," Jada said as she studied a sparkly white one-piece. She'd been about to add it to the selections on her arm, but Tristan tsked at her.

"No way."

"What's wrong with it?"

"Um, it's boring. It doesn't highlight your, uh, 'assets.' No cleavage, no...nothin'." Tristan regarded the garment with disgust.

"I like it. It's simple, elegant."

"It's not nearly as bold as the dress you wore last night. I expected you to wear something less conservative."

"There's nothing wrong with these," Jada said, holding her choices close to her chest. Her resistance was futile as Tristan yanked them out of her arms and started putting them back.

"Look, if people are going to believe you're MY girl, you're going to have to reveal some skin." 

Blocking out her protests, Tristan began pulling his own preferences. Inwardly, he had to admit his objections had nothing to do with Jada's taste, but about his own interests. She was definitely beautiful and should show it off...particularly to him. He was her "boyfriend" after all.

Teasingly, Tristan held up a midnight black suit that was basically a thong and some strategically placed triangles.

"I'm not wearing that!" Jada said, snatching the bikini out of his arm.

"You know what they say: less is more."

Jada ignored him as she scanned the racks. She picked out a purple bikini with a tasteful skirt instead.

"Compromise." Jada insisted. They managed to pick a few things they both agreed on. After much haggling, Jada went into one of the dressing rooms to try the clothes on. At first, the wait didn't seem terribly long, but as the minutes dragged by, Tristan had a sneaky suspicion Jada wasn't trying on the suits at all.

"Did you chicken out?" he drawled through the door.

"No. This first one has a lot of strings. I don't know why I let you pick it."

"Do you need help? Those tricky little things might be crying out for an agile hand."

"Don't you dare come in here!" Jada's high-pitched warning erupted from behind the stall door. Tristan held back a chuckle as he pressed her further.

"You have two more minutes to come out, or I'm leaving you altogether." Despite her grumbles of "fine with me" and blah, blah, blah, Jada emerged from the dressing room.

"What about this one?" Jada held up her hands with lackluster enthusiasm.

Regardless of her mood, this one was a winner. With a cherry red and white print, bandeau top, and flattering bottoms, it held the balance of suggestion and fun in the sun playfulness. In fact, it might have piqued Tristan's interest a little too much.  

"Perfect," Tristan said around a surprising scratch in his throat.

"Good. I agree," Jada said, dropping her eyes to the floor.

While they had that decided, they ended up in another bickering spree. Jada remained adamant about Tristan not paying for her clothes. He managed to trick her into picking out beach towels long enough to slip the saleswoman his credit card. This left Jada fuming as they stopped at Pink's and then drove on to the beach, but Tristan knew she'd get over it the second they hit their destination. Making their way to the boardwalk, Jada's eyes did light up in delight. Ahead of them, warm sand led to the shimmering blue ocean. All along the beach, other couples and cheerful families reveled in the good weather. Plenty of children played in the low tide while more adventurous surfers traveled further out.

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