So not lucky

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"Oh Ariadnna-sama, gokigenyoh."

"Ariadnna-sama, gokigenyoh."

"Gokigenyoh, Ariadnna-sama."


As usual, greetings here and there.

"Ariadnna-sama, we are so lucky this year." Chie said with her eyes sparkling along with the others.

"Lucky? How are we lucky this year?"

"No. No. No. Only us, Ariadnna-sama. Not you." Aina interjected.

I feel my smile twitch.
Wha—? I don't know if I'll be angry or just laugh it off.

These two got guts huh! Saying that to a Pivoine member.
Well, it's good. They finally said honest things and not just flattery.

"Ara~? How are you lucky?"

Okay fine, I'll just go along with you. After all, they finally grow up under me.

Huk. Huk. I'm so proud of you girls.

"Well....." "Well...."

They look at each others eyes then at me, beaming.

"Two other Pivoine member are our classmates." They said together, blushing and smiling.

Oh! Yes! I forgot. Tadashi-sama and Tsuji-sama are our classmates.

Sigh, I look at the window, gazing at the blue sky.
Why do I have a bad premonition about having those two as my classmates?

Oh yes, this is the start of my death flag.

Should I just shrug it off? Or avoid it?

Shrugging it off is better. And I feel lazy.
Avoiding it, it'll come running to you. Trouble that is.

"Ah yes, Tadashi-sama and Tsuji-sama ne?" I turn to them smiling.

The two nodded slightly with their cheeks burning pink.

"Do you two like them?"

Like, why are you blushing?! You're just a kid! A sixth grader at that!

"Not that much. We like Tonouin-sama and Kaburagi-sama more." They whispered but I can clearly hear it.

My lips twitch. You like those two rival idiots better than these normal ones?! Like I can say that.

"Ara~ Ohohoho." With the back of my hand, I laugh, teasing them.

"Ariadnna-sama, mou!" They pouted.

They pouted!

So cute. Can I really bite them? They look like a Chinese steamed bun! Can I? Can I? Or just a pinch? Just a little?



Ugh, guess that's a no.

Turning around, I smiled at the two person who approach us. But eventually froze.

Ara? Ara? Ara-ara?

Why the hell are these two approaching me?!

"Gokigenyoh Tadashi-sama, Tsuji-sama." The two little girls behind me greeted, getting me back from my stupor.



The two greeted back with a smile.

"Gokigenyoh, you two." I  greeted, getting back my smile.

"Ari-sama, looks like we're so lucky to have you as our classmate." Tsuji-sama said.

"That's right. Having Ari-sama as our classmates, those two will get jealous." Tadashi-sama snickered.

"Ara-ara~ ufufu"

——not! Why are you talking about luck this day?!

You guys are lucky! Me?! I'm so not lucky, okay!

If you two are here, it means more interactions with the masters. Oh my!

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