Chapter Thirteen

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Jada was right. Word does travel fast, Tristan thought as he scrolled through the newsfeed on his phone. While their previous incident had gone viral with tons of hits, this new gossip that Tristan and Jada were a couple was trending much faster. All across social media, there were comments on whether the two were REALLY dating, that yes, they looked cute together, and last—but certainly not least—Angela's own commentary on the situation. On her own social media pages, she threw out subtle yet catty remarks on Tristan and Jada's "romance," alluding to its falsehood.

"You stepped way up, Doug. This is everywhere." Tristan praised him as he sat across from his agent. Like Tristan had told Jada, he and Doug had met up to rehash strategy at another local cafe. Doug bowed his head at Tristan's acknowledgment.

"Thank you."

"You know we still have one more problem though, don't you?"

"Yes, Angela. Don't worry. She won't get away with the slander. While Ren has been getting her to adhere to her contract, I've also thrown in my own threat. I pointed out that it stipulates she isn't allowed to spread bad press that could affect the movie—this would obviously be included. Believe me, when Ren lays all this on her today, those tweets and other little comments will be down in a flash."

"You are the best, Doug," Tristan said. So far, it looked like things were going in his and Jada's favor. And if they could get crazy Angela off his back in the process, he would be in heaven.

"Well, enough about that. Tell me," Doug said.

"Tell you what?"

At Tristan's obliviousness, Doug's typical pushy impatience reared its ugly head.

"What do you mean, what? How did it go, stupid?" 

"Oh, the date? It was...interesting."

"Interesting. That's the best you can do?" Doug squinted at him in annoyance.

"Fine. Dinner was rough. The club was better, and we made progress with your producer friend, Logan. She was happy about that, so I guess the plan is working."


"I don't get what else you want from me," Tristan said, trying to hide his exasperation.

No matter how much Doug pestered, there wasn't very much he was going to reveal about last night. Jada's apparent history with the mysterious stranger being one of them. The almost kiss between them was another secret he planned to keep.

"How was the atmosphere? Did you put on the Maxwell charm? Did you know?" Doug waggled his eyebrows in a way that he definitely shouldn't. Ever.

"Stop that. Nothing happened. She's too pissed at me."

"But you have plans so that something does happen?"

"I haven't thought that far," Tristan lied—because obviously, he had.

Jada may have been caustic at times, but that didn't negate the fact that she was beautiful and funny. There was something charming about her that Tristan planned to explore as soon as she gave him the opportunity. Thinking back to their moment on the dance floor, Tristan felt there would definitely be another opening for him somewhere down the line.

"Frankly, I don't care what you two do privately as long as it doesn't screw up what we're trying to do publicly. Is that clear?" Doug interrupted Tristan's musings.

"Crystal clear, captain." Tristan saluted him.

"Good. When are you seeing her again?"

"Um, I don't know yet."

"Good god. Make it soon, why don't you? The public needs to see you out together more often," Doug said. At his reprimands, Tristan thought back to one of the last things Jada had said to him.

"She said she was meeting with her agent today, so she could pass along her story about us dating. Maybe I should catch up with her after the meeting?" Tristan suggested.

"Sounds like a great idea. That way, you can make sure everything is on track." Doug clapped Tristan on the shoulder approvingly.

Even though Doug's incentive should have encouraged him, that's not the reason Tristan wanted to go. He genuinely wanted to know if Jada would be okay after dealing with that monster, Avery Kane. He wanted to check in on her after how things had ended last night. He wanted to see her. Plain and simple. God only knows why, since the woman couldn't stand him. Either way, whether she liked it or not, Tristan would be waiting for her.

*** Wonder if Tristan is starting to feel like this as his waiting begins...

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