Chapter Eight

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Scheming of ways to make Tristan pay, Jada left the restaurant, then realized she was stomping while making her way down the sidewalk. She forced herself to slow down as she reflected on what she'd gotten into. There was a very high possibility that this was going to end terribly. But in spite of the risks, Tristan's agent was pretty slick to come up with the plan in the first place.

And that's when a horrifying epiphany struck Jada.

Her agent would have something to say about this whole debacle too. She winced at the idea of the formidable Avery Kane getting wind of the media scandal. As a tyrannical mogul in the industry, she would not be happy to find out one of her clients was caught up in something this embarrassing. Forget not being happy. She would be enraged. As if Jada's thoughts had unleashed her from the fiery depths of hell, Jada's phone started ringing.

It was Avery.

Bracing herself for the impending rage, Jada reluctantly picked up. All pleasantries were lost as Avery laid into her the second she answered.

"Jada, what the hell is going on?"

"Um..." Jada uneasily tried to start.

"Don't 'um' me. I want answers. NOW." Avery's demand came out as a growl. The woman was a beast when she was angry.

"Tristan and I had an argument and it was caught on camera, I guess."

"That much I already know. I want to hear why it happened."

"Well, it's not something I can discuss over the phone. Plus, I'm not home right now, so..."

Avery let out an indignant huff. "Fine. I'll be back from London tomorrow. I want you in my office first thing in the morning. Don't you dare weasel out of coming or explaining yourself."

"I would never do that," Jada said, stung.

"Your cowardly past implies otherwise—but whatever. Just be there."

With that, the dreadful woman hung up without letting Jada defend herself.

Where the hell did Avery get off calling her a coward? What happened two years ago with Daniel hadn't been entirely Jada's fault. She hadn't spinelessly run away like Avery claimed...not really. And sure, Jada could be passive and non-confrontational at times, but she was no longer the pushover she used to be. Her standing up to Tristan at the café was proof of that.

Burning up with unresolved anger, Jada decided to make her own phone calls, one to Mikayla and the other to Alia. She insisted that the three of them meet up for a real lunch. She needed to confide in her friends if she was going to get through her showdown with Avery and this charade with Tristan.

However, when Jada met up with them at their favorite Chinese restaurant, their reactions weren't nearly as comforting as she'd hoped.

"You're going to do WHAT?" Alia yelped.

Her usually refined and smooth voice rose to a surprisingly shrill octave. Jada shushed her, looking around the restaurant for any eavesdroppers. The group of friends received a few curious glances, but the other patrons redirected their attention to their meals. Unlike the shocked Alia, Mikayla snickered joyfully.

"Oh, this is too much. I can't believe what I'm hearing. YOU, innocent Jada Berklee, agreeing to such a farce! With a man you claim to hate!" Mikayla's eyes glittered with devious glee. "This is going to be good."

While Mikayla was generally an honest person—always willing to give heartfelt advice—she did have a dangerous streak that was fascinated by intrigue. The only thing that would have made her delight more palpable is if she started rubbing her hands together while cackling maniacally.

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