Chapter 4 - "Pinky promise?"

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Lisa's POV

Maira went awfully quiet after the blonde guy mentioned her parents. I knew and totally understood that whenever someone mentioned her parents she would be hurt. I, however, wouldn't care about my family. Mine are just horrible and I just wish I never had them but Maira just dies day by day trying to figure out or live with the fact that she never knew how they were or what had happened to them.

"We can bring breakfast to Dylan and Alberto, and right after that we could go for the shopping we talked about?" Maira asked, making me come out of my deep thoughts. I smiled and nodded as she took a bite of her pancake again.

We quietly ate our breakfast and took the take away with us. Maira just looked around the whole time, admiring the environment around her. I was already here so I kind of got used to it. It was totally different from Germany. The people, the food and even the traffic or the opportunities for studying and Hollywood were much bigger than there.

I hated Germany and wanted to get out there as soon as I could. Especially where I lived. People wouldn't socialize with each other and even if they did they would be rude. It was like a ghost town. It was like no one even lived there. I opened the car door and sat down, and so did Maira. I started the engine of the car and drove away.

"Look at that asshole." I said as I saw the blonde and brunette guy getting in their car. I wanted to step out and say something but I knew I would have just made it worse than it actually was. I just hated it when people were rude or didn't apologize when they did something wrong.

"Just leave it. It is not even worth wasting our time on." Maira said as her eyes were focused on the boys. I drove away from the coffee shop and drove again towards the direction of the Sherwood Mansion. I still couldn't believe the fact that I was living in a mansion. I mean, it is everyone's dream to live in such luxury and especially if you come from a low class.

"Are you really okay?" I asked again when I noticed that Maira was too quiet. Maira mostly always talks. In fact, she never shuts up. I don't mind her talking because it is always about something that I can either laugh about or educate about. Both were beneficial to me. I heard Maira sigh and I looked at her, afraid that she was going to cry but I was wrong. I focused myself again quickly on the road.

"It is just... My parents." She said and I let out a small sigh. I totally understood that it had a massive impact on her. It wasn't always easy on her. Everyone doubted her for every decision she had made. People had their own theory of what had happened to her parents and she was always questioned about it. Even though she was just a baby.

"I know it doesn't make up for the fact that your parents are not here but you have me, Dylan and Alberto. Consider us as your family..." I said softly, looking at her and giving her a small smile. I again looked at the road to prevent any accidents from happening.

"I know and I am glad that I have you, and them." She said and I knew she meant it but it still didn't make anything easier for her. I drove in the parking lot of the Sherwood Mansion and parked the car. Both of us got out of the car and walked inside the house.

Dylan and Alberto were both waiting in the living room. I looked down when Dylan looked at me and sighed. It was difficult to say anything to Dylan. I didn't wanted to end up fighting him again and getting hurt by his comments. Yesterday night, he was being totally awful to me.

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