Chäpter Twënty-Twø

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Evangeline's P.O.V

The boy simply looked towards her and furrowed his brows, his stormy eyes narrowing in on Faith's bow and arrow that pointed right at his chest.

"Hello Faith. It's been a while. Did you miss me?"

Her lips pressed together before she slowly walked closer, kicking the door closed behind her with her boot.

Her honey colored eyes darted over to my hands that rested still on his shoulders and my ripped sleeves. When her eyes narrowed again, I felt a blush work it's way up to my cheeks. I couldn't believe I had kissed him...a stranger!
As much as I felt the need to be ashamed, I couldn't find it within me, just like many, countless other times.

I slowly let my hands fall from the boys--Dominics--shoulders.

"Faith...? How do you know this boy?" My voice was quiet, but by the tilt of her head and the point of her stare, I knew she had heard me.

"You need not worry Eva. We've only crossed paths a handful of times. None of which were particularly pleasant."

Dominic rolled his eyes and walked away from me, his long legs carrying him towards Faith with a smirk. "That may be true...but each time we met you failed to mention you had an unmated, royal witch along with you as a partner. I might have treated you with more manners, had I known."

My body froze completely at the mention of my true nature. The only thing I didn't grasp was the unmated prospect..? But I didn't focus on that, my head was too busy spinning left and right with possibilities of ways I could've given myself away.

Faith's face also blanched of color completely and her lips tightened against each other.

She looked at me sheepishly before pulling the string of her bow farther back in threat as Dominic continued to stroll her way.

He held up his hands innocently and backed away. "Calm down little banshee...I have no need or wish to harm you. Either of you."

Her face screwed into one of anger before she flew forward, the point of her arrow pressing against his jugular.

"You've never known how to simply keep your mouth shut, have you?" She growled the words and looked up into his eyes with pure hatred. Dominic didn't even flinch. Instead, he flicked his wrist and sent Faith flying back into the door, her back slamming against the wood.

My luggish brain finally seemed to catch up with the situation and I darted between Dominic's tall form and Faith's small one, my hand dropping dangerously by my side. Was he a witch as well? I thought they were only females?

Perhaps, I had heard wrong. Either way, it didn't matter now. All of my previous pleasure was instantly converted into a protective adrenaline over Faith.

My free hand that hung by side flexed, my fingers straightening and my palm lengthening and turning towards his body.

If he was truly a witch as well, he would understand to take the simple movement as a warning.

"Stay back."

"Princess, move from my path. I mean no harm. I just would like to exchange a couple of words with my friend here."

"Exchange them from there. She can hear you."

He narrowed his eyes and his gaze flicked down to my hand that was beginning to flicker with red flame.
His lips curled slightly and he looked back up at me with a seductive glance.

"I do wish to see how this plays out. I've never seen a witch in heat before. I wonder how the magic will cooperate... "

Faith staggered to her feet behind me and coughed lightly.

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