Late Late Show

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James: so now that, that is over 😂. Lets introduce our new guest's. Their a boyband.  There is five of them. Three of those five are parents. Two of those three to the same child. You guessed it. ITS ONE DIRECTION.....

Harry: hi

Louis: oi oiIiii

Niall: hello

Liam: hey hey everyone

Zayn: helLoo

James: .. so boys. First off welcome back. I like everyone missed the hell out of you. And zayn. How very dare you leave. Dont do it again.

Zayn 😂: i wont. It would hurt me to much to do it again.

Louis: also i said if he leaves again I'll kill him.
Niall 🤣🤣🤣

James 😂: look at niall..🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂..... anyway.. niall stop. So louis and harry. You know what Im going to say. Baby? Where is she.

Harry: Our management.....CC, is keeping an eye on her for a while. Lou did..wanna take her...on. But we were we gave her to CC.

Louis: and she can keep her. Maybe I'll get some sleep.

James: i know how you feel louis 😂. Can we bring her on?

Harry: sure i dont see why not.

Management hand DJ to Regi who brings her to Louis. Louis is now holding DJ. The crowd is pratically crying (awwww).

Louis: wake her up and you can have her for the night.
Niall, liam, james 😂😂😂

James: omg she is so cute. She gets it of off her dads. So harry your farther?

Harry: yeah. Lou's dad, im farther... until shes older..then up to her.

James: shes ganna be an amazing singer. Are you all helping to raise her.

Liam: yeah. We're all helping these two because she is part of the tour now. But its mostly these two, we're just there for the support like they were and still are for bear.

Niall: and if we do that she will be amazing.

James: ok thats sweet and i can help. So zayn, you forgot about her 😂.

Zayn: no no. I didnt.....

Louis: you did 😂.

Zayn: no. I just forgot that she was born. Because louis came out why i was smoking and i dropped my cigarette over the bridge. And he turned out to have had her.

James 😂: did you at least get one back.

Louis: did her fook.

James: er language.

Louis: oh shit sorry. Shit. Shit. Sh...

Harry: just stop talking 😂.

Zayn: no i did not get one back. Louis owes me one.

Louis: no i do not.

James: ok before we split the band up. You are going to preform your new song arent you.

Liam: yes we are.

James: ok. This is one directions first live performance of "wish we stayed". ONW DIRECTION EVERYBODY!!!

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