Chapter 24 - The Higher Rock

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Have you ever had a friend, one who you depended upon, who you trusted, who turned out to be fake? Who lied about you, or talked about you to your other "friends?" For a time, they may have seemed like your "rock." The person you told everything to, who you cared about.

And yet, they betrayed you.

There is only one rock, only one person you can truly depend on when all of those "friends" turn against you, or in any time, really.

His name is Jesus Christ, and he died for you.

In Psalm 62, David is clear to point this out.

1. Truly, my soul silently waits for God; From him comes my salvation.
2. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.

David entitled this poem, or song, "The Higher Rock," per the New King James Verion of God's word.

The Lord our God, our wonderful, mighty God, is our higher rock. We are to call on him in times of trouble, lean on him when we are distraught, and use his shoulder to cry on if we need to.

In the same way, we shouldn't forget about God when our prayers have been answered, as many, (including myself) often "forget" about God after he's answered our prayers.

Instead, we should rejoice with God, pray thanks to him, and share our joy! After all, happiness is contagious.

God has been- and always will be- our rock. Our salvation. The love we share. The joy and blessings we receive.

Back to your friends who were once your rock- they were mere pebbles compared to God, the higher rock, or the mountain.

So, if every time life rains on you and those pebbles wash away, lean on God. He is deeply rooted in love, grace, mercy, and care, and he won't leave when things seem to go badly for you.


A/N: Short devotional, but it's a start to something greater. Some devotionals may be long, some short, but the message remains the same. 

God bless all of you!

N.B. Niar

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