My Love

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You add to my happiness.
You make this world open up to me.
You make this world easier to be in.
You add color to this world.
Before you it was dull greys and nuetrals.
Now its a world full of rainbows.
On my dark days, you hold me and i see bouts of yellow sun rays peaking through the clouds.
I see the coloration on blues and purples on butterflies.
Flowers look more vibrant all because you stepped into my world.
I finally get to see flowers bloom, the gardens in the spring never looked so breath taking till now.
I can hear symphonies when around you.
The music becomes less and less cacophonious and transforms into beautiful masterpieces.
The tone of the piano have never sounded so correct till now.
The strum of a guitar has never been so touching before you.
The beat of the drum now goes to the beat of my heart.
You make it so I want to take my headphones, unplug and tune into this world.
You're love is an ocean that I love to swim in.
You've helped me recognize my spark and love for the world.
Your love and acceptance helps me open my heart to the world again.
You help dry my tears when they are an river of sadness.
You're there to speak sweet kind words into my ear when I tear myself apart.
I enjoy the things I fear because you're there every step of the way holding my hand.
I love you.
You've taken a broken person and said I'll help put you back together even though you didn't break me.
Now let me do the same for you.

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