Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 can't believe it.


"I told you we would meet again." Lucas whispered in my ear.


"Let me go this instant Lucas I'm not kidding." I said sternly.

"It's impolite to decline a dance with the one responsible for the food in your stomach and the cash in your pocket." he said with hard eyes.

He has a point I admitted. Maybe if I dance one song with him he'll leave me alone.

"One song. One song and you will leave me alone. Promise."

"Ok love." he breathed next to my ear.

So that's how I found myself, with my hands wrapped around Lucas's toned torso and my head on his shoulder. Mmh he smelled good, spice and the outdoors like when it rains and it smells earthy, fresh.

"Are you smelling me darling?" Mused Lucas.

"Pft what no." I blushed.

"Lying isn't a good shade darling." He breathed on the curve of my neck. His rough hands on the small of my back.

I blushed. Stupid blush can it see it's embarrassing me. The song ended and with that I disentangled myself from Lucas warm embrace taking a last whiff of his amazing scent.

"Until we meet again love." he said kissing my hand and walked away.

I stood on the dance floor until I regained my senses. Walking briskly towards mine and Shawn's table. He was on his phone arguing with someone with a deathly tone in his voice.

'Noo! What did I tell you? The business deal with the Italians is going to be a great investment for the company. No you listen to me we'll talk about this tomorrow.'

Someone's pissed.

"Nikki sorry you had to hear that, an associate has a grudge with some Italians." he apologized.

"It's ok Shawn. Let's go home it's close to midnight. I need my beauty sleep you know I can't always look this beautiful all the time."

"Whatever Nik your always beautiful."

Aww he's so sweet, why can't all guys be like him?

We arrived at my house exactly at midnight. I showed Shawn his room and went to get ready for bed. I have this weird tradition where I have to check the weather before I go to sleep. So I turned on the tv and continued to get ready.

'Throughout next week theres a heavy chance that there will be lightning storms and hail....'

Yes I want it to rain balls of ice!!!

Heh heh balls of ice.

"Back to you Will..."

Turning the tv off I jumped out the couch and went straight to a place I like to call heaven. My footsteps leaving soft 'thump' noises I make it to my room. Reaching my bed I hop in.

-sometime between morning-


Noo dream land don't go away. Whyy why?!

"Shawn you better run its my day off. It's where I sleep my day off."

"Not today sunshine. Get ready we're going out."

Uhg seriously dude it's 7:00 in the morning it's not like we are going to church.


Yep that's where we went,church."

I haven't been to church since Shawn left for Greece, two months ago. Time went by fast I didn't have time to do anything.

"Shawn the priest was talking about politics in mass. Something is wrong."

Has the world finally been taken over by business people?
That will only happen when pigs fly. Well let's admit that is not far away.

"Let's go visit mama v." Shawn Said.

Mama v to him is my mother whose name is Vivian. "Yeah let's go, but leave before she makes me do the dishes."

He laughed at me and carried on driving.

"Mom ya llegue.!!" (mom I'am here)

"Por fin. Finally came to visit your old lady huh."

"Mom your only 15."

"No make it 21 so I can ogle the eye candy."

"Mom your married, remember dad?"

"So I'll give him permission to find a sexy young lady to please him while I'm gone."

"Ma to much information!! My innocent ears."

"You don't have an ounce of innocence in your body mija."

"So my virginity doesn't count?"

"You still haven't lost it Mijita? I am not getting any younger here. I want grandchildren."

" Your not getting any anytime soon."

"Yeah yeah that's what you think. Just wait and see your great grandmother visited me in my dream saying you were going to get married soon and have children."

Mmh not happening.

Have you been in a car when It jumps when it hits a bump and then you feel your stomach come down. yeah I just felt that.




Throw ice at random people *shrug*

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